Game Concept Art by Kerem Beyit

Falling avalanche

Awesome game concept art by Kerem Beyit. Kerem was born in Ankara, Turkey, (1980) and started drawing in his early childhood with the effect of comic books. In Gazi University, department of graphics he studied graphic design for four years. Kerem learned illustration, game concept art from the great fantasy artists like Frazetta and Brom. And he has worked for various places doing graphicand illustration studies, book covers, local comics also magazines and books for children.

Nemexia noxis

Jedi general

Jawa warlord


Dealing with the guild

Dark sun dwellers

Confederation soldier

Bezzatin grzzat

Berserk rage


Arkin ironshanks

Ancient strange and lovely

The city of seven spears

Souls for the smugglers shiv

Offspring cover

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