1. The question is “why?”. What’s the point? Just grab your camera instead and be done with it. Then you can spend the rest of the time it took to make these pointless paintings digging wells for poor farmers in third world countries instead. I’d grant that it is technically brilliant (probably, I don’t really know, since I don’t give a flying fuck about “art” in any form), but it’s still a pointless waste of time.

  2. Rick I sure hope you don’t kiss anybody with that mouth. Sounds to me like you don’t enjoy life and the diversities that life has to offer. You find great art a “pointless waste of time”. But I can assure you that most people would find your comment even more so. Your should really lighten up. Perhaps it is you that should pick up a shovel and work off some of that nasty energy you got going.

  3. marvelous, just marvelous! I do love art and painted from time to time. So I’m a bit schooled in this and can imagine what a great input and efforts are combined with this work.

    That’s why the world will remember such people who share their sense of beauty and internal harmony with others.

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