Illustrations by Amanda Mocci

Amanda Mocci is a freelance Graphic Designer and illustrator from Montreal Quebec. After receiving her bachelor’s in graphic design (UQAM), she has had the opportunity to work with some pretty awesome people and is always working on a personal project. Her work is influenced by the minimalism of black and white as well as the chaotic beauty and mystery of the universe.











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One Comment

  1. Hi dear,
    I very much appreciate your beautiful work. Thank you and greetings from Europe-prague …

    I look forward to continue to send you work. I love your design. I admire paintings.
    I’d been to the website and show your work. But I have a problem with registration.

    Last time I had already started, but I took two of my paintings. I put in five hours, described, all destroyed.
    You probably saw my two images. I could not add the cost of labor.
    Can you please help me?
    With a hug ……………….. Iman Gabrie

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