30+ Indian Elephant Tattoos – Symbolism and Design Ideas

India is a country with a rich culture and long history that brought its contribution to the development of the art of tattooing. Here the notable attention is given to the elephant, which refers to the holy and the most revered animal. The image of this large creature embraces a lot of beliefs, associations and representations.

  • The most famous beast in Indian mythology is a white elephant Airavata. Hindus believe that it is an ancestor of all elephants, which hold the Earth on their backs. The animal symbolizes rain and fertility, as in fables, it was a rideable animal of the divinity of thunder – Indra.
  • Another admired mythical creature is Ganesha, the god of knowledge, prosperity and good luck. It is depicted with an elephant head, human body and large belly. The deity has four arms and one tusk. It helps people to find grand wisdom and happiness to cope with human passions.
  • The honorable place is addressed to a white elephant in Buddhism. According to a legend, a white elephant came to a beautiful Maya in a sleep and told her that would a give the world the Lord Buddha soon. Today, it is associated with chastity, goodness and spiritual knowledge.

The meaning of Indian elephant symbol

  • Power and strength. This huge creature is one of the strongest animals in the world. Even the pompous Indian governors rode on elephants because they could entrust their lives only to them, hence it embodies the dedication and supreme power.
  • Longevity. The beast is a real long-liver, it lives up to 70 years and this peculiarity has always admired people, who perceived it as a symbol of immortality.
  • Dignity, peacefulness and intelligence – are connected with an elephant and supposed to be the essential qualities, which characterize a good ruler.
  • Wisdom, patience. In order to be a lord of the world, it is significant to be prudent, be able to endure difficulties, do not succumb to emotions, and have a strong will. The Indians hope that all these features are combined in elephants.
  • Good luck and happiness. Ganesha is worshiped as the God of good fortune. This deity can bring success in business or in any other undertaking.

In addition to above-said meanings, people always explore meanings from the animal tirelessly. the Indian elephant renders the following senses:

  • family values;
  • motherhood;
  • tender love;
  • devotion;
  • kindness.

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The astonishing ideas of Indian Elephant Tattoos

Indian elephant tattoos are very compelling, they serve as a decorative adornment and personifies loyalty, strength, wisdom and longevity. Another significant figure is deity Ganesha, which is depicted with the elephant head and human’s body. It brings good luck, happiness and moves obstacles. So, if you need a memorable elephant pattern, choose the most appealing variant from this top!

1 symmetrical elephant tattoo on back

1. The symmetrical image of an elephant on the back. This picturesque elephant head with a big, blue lotus on it is done symmetrically on the upper back. The design is invented for those who want to gain wisdom and knowledge, improve the financial condition and get success.

2 black elephant head in geometric style on leg

2. The lovely elephant leg design. The black and white image of elephant head is inked on the leg. It is decorated with numerous patterns in Indian style, among which the pretty flower can be noticed. If you are interested in nature, love traveling, this is your variant, for sure.

3 blue and grrey elephant tattoo with feathers on rib cage

3. The elephant in rich finery on the rib cage. This tattoo represents so the exclusive pattern of the elephant on the rib cage. A great depicting animal with a big globe on its head wears a garment with gems and feathers of a peacock, which is a national bird in India. This colorful painting denotes free thought, creativity and openness.

4 Black and white symbolical elephant tattoo with lotus

4. Symbolical elephant thigh interpretation. This black and gray pattern of an elephant with a sign on its forehead means the entirety of the universe, while the lotus in the trunk embodies beauty, prosperity, and fertility. In case you want to achieve a very high point of consciousness evolution and spiritual liberation, this is definitely your choice.

5 Bright perfection head of elephant tattoo on the hip

5. Bright perfection on the hip
Watercolor ink gives an exceptional look to this Indian elephant hip tattoo. A dark blue elephant with pierced ears, wearing a golden crown, may be the sign of good luck, wisdom and success.

6 Cute baby elephant tattoo

6. Cute baby elephant design
In India, an elephant is a sacred animal, which holds the universe on its back. This gray elephant with an intricate pattern is holding a pink flower in its trunk, which may stand for the idea of a personal growth, stability, and harmony.

7 Royal greatness elephant head tattoo with red feathers on the hip

7. Royal greatness on the hip
A smoky elephant with jewelry and leaves plus a stunning accessory – 3D red and white feathers make up a pretty looking thigh ink. This one is for potent people with inner calmness.

8 Black and white Indian sacred animal on the half sleeve

8. Black and white Indian sacred animal on the half sleeve
A gray volumetric elephant on the lower half sleeve with a red Indian sign looks impressive. A swirl around the animal and a massive adornment on its head may symbolize obstacles, which a person is able to overcome.

9 Alluring elephant head tattoo on the thigh

9. Alluring animal icon on the thigh
This black thigh ink shows a majestic elephant, adorned with a traditional Indian decoration. If you see this tattoo – be sure that the owner is balanced and wise.

10 Magical elephant tattoo on the hand

10. Magical elephant image on the hand
A detailed tribal ink depicts an ornate elephant, the image extends over the whole hand and the figure of the trunk covers the middle finger. In fact, the animal, wearing an Indian trident, indicates a multi-faceted person, who is the creator and destroyer of his own destiny.

11 Adorable black and gray elephant on the forearm

11. Adorable black and gray elephant on the forearm
The next ink located on the forearm and performed in classic tattoo colors – black and gray. The tat looks very feminine thanks to the beautiful jewelry on the elephant’s head!

12 Colorful elephant on the thigh

12. Colorful elephant on the thigh
One more very rich in vivid colors tattoo of the elephant’s head. The ink located on the thigh, but you can make such ink on every part of your body. The elephant is a symbol of peace and friendship, longevity and wisdom, devotion and inner strength, and that’s why this tattoo will be a powerful talisman for you.

13 Fabulous elephant tattoo on the body

13. Fabulous elephant tattoo on the body.
The next tat design is a perfect choice for confident women. Due to the variety of bright colors, the ink looks lovely and eye-catching. This work will be a beautiful decoration of your body!

14 Black and gray tribal elephant on the ribs

14. Black and gray elephant on the ribs.
This ink located on the ribs, and it is the representative of mixing two different tattoo styles – the “Linework” and the “Blackwork”. The elephant – a symbol of strength and insight, it fits strong-willed and self-confident people.

15 elephant tattoo on dotwork technique on the thigh

15. The “Dotwork” elephant on the thigh.
The “Dotwork” is very popular style nowadays, but at the same time the tattoo in this technique is complex and requires specific skills and abilities. If you want to stand out from the crowd – this elephant ink on the thigh is that what you need!!

16 Colorful elephant tat on the inner arm

16. Cute elephant on the inner arm.
Here is a small, but beautiful elephant tat, located on the inner arm. It is a good choice for those, who doesn’t like to show tats everybody. This ink is just a meaningful talisman that you can easily hide under the clothes.

17 Gray perfect elephant head tattoo on the ribs

17. Gray elephant head tattoo on the ribs.
The ink of the elephant’s head, decorated with the blue sapphire has a deep meaning. The sapphire, as well as the elephant, means the development of spiritual values, wisdom, chastity, justice, and the search for truth. This ink located on the ribs, and fits both men and women.

18 Pretty elephant tattoo on the ribs with precious stones

18. Pretty elephant tattoo on the ribs.
Here is a very colorful and bright tattoo design, which is performed on the ribs! The ink is quite big and rich in vivid colors. Thanks to these features, it won’t leave you unattended!

19 Plain elegance elephant tattoo on the hip

19. Plain elegance on the hip
This amazing piece on the hip displays a gray elephant, which is richly decorated with jewels, due to the right shades, the picture looks volumetric. As a rule, people with this image have a sense of honor, sovereignty and a tendency to be the leader.

20 Offbeat elephant picture on the back

20. Offbeat elephant picture on the back
This entertaining sample of an elephant tattoo is put on the back. The pattern is complicated as it encompasses geometric figures: monochrome and vivid, done in diverse styles. Here the good-natured elephant with a raised trunk is a sign of Good Luck.


21 Superior Indian elephant on the thigh

21. Indian elephant on the thigh
In India, an elephant is associated with mighty Indra, it is the symbol of spiritual balance, imperial dignity, and discretion. This smoky thigh ink depicts a sublime elephant, wearing an Indian headdress, the tattoo is worn by a potent personality.

22 Elephant head tattoo in different styles on the thigh

22. Appealing fusion of styles on the thigh
The composition of colors and styles in this hip tattoo strikes! A gray elephant looks realistic on the background of motley figures, done in Hindu style. This one is ideal for females, as it indicates fertility.

23 Indian lucky elephant tat on the hand

23. Indian lucky charm on the hand
This distinctive piece of art on the hand shows an ornate elephant with a traditional Indian sign on its forehead, the icon of a hand on the forefinger is an amusing detail. The tattooing is about a true sense of mindfulness.

24 Bizarre splendor elephant head tat on the half sleeve

24. Bizarre splendor on the half sleeve
A surreal colorful tattoo covers the half sleeve, the elephant has many embellishments on the head and a torch in its trunk. The symbolism discloses the idea of prosperity, self-improvement, and exceptional luck.

25 Gorgeous Indian god of prosperity side tattoo

25. Indian god of prosperity side tattoo
This sophisticated tattoo, inked on the side, creates a 3D effect! A masterpiece depicts a God Ganesha against the backdrop of an intricate frame. This deity is a business patron, so the owner of the tattoo smashes all obstacles on his way to success.

26 marvelous elephant tattoo on the half-sleeve

26. The marvelous elephant tattoo on the half-sleeve. This huge elephant head with a curved trunk covers the upper sleeve. The animal is depicted in the best Indian traditions: the orange decorations on its head and neck convey the royal sublimity and honor. The red spot behind the beast resembles the sun and indicates prosperity and vitality.

27 symmetrical elephant underboob pattern

27. The symmetrical elephant underboob pattern. The underboob image always looks expressive and spectacular and this black and white tattoo is not an exception. The elephant head with a big mandala in the center symbolizes protection and spiritual integrity. Thus, this creature will serve as a talisman from all troubles.

28 realistic elephant tat on leg

28. The realistic elephant leg design. Here is the amazing variant of an enormous adult elephant on the leg. The animal is performed in full growth with a trunk down that expresses strength and power. The forms and colors are chosen so accurately that the creature looks like a real one.

29 black and gray tattoo of elephant with floral ornaments on half-sleeve

29. The black and gray tattoo of an elephant on the half-sleeve. This pattern of a large elephant is not rich in colors but includes interesting images and details. The animal with national ornaments on its head is placed on the half-sleeve and is surrounded with incredible flowers, which embody beauty and fascination.

30 esteemed Ganesha on the shoulder

30. The esteemed Ganesha on the shoulder. This god has elephant head with one broken tusk but human’s eyes. The creature is usually portrayed in the exquisite garment and in this case it has precious headwear, which is full of the jewel. It is believed that Ganesha brings good luck and welfare to its owner.

31 unbelievable tattoo of an elephant on the back

31. The unbelievable idea of an elephant on the back. This unusual presentation of the elephant will surprise the tattoo lovers. The enormous animal in the form of butterfly covers the whole back, which will suit strong and brave men. The work includes some details such as precious stones on its head and tusks.

32 Volumetric yellow elephant tattoo on leg

32. Volumetric elephant leg design
This vibrant green elephant on the leg with burning red eyes will be a perfect part of your outfit. The tattoo may denote either prosperity and domineering power or virtue and empathy – it is up to you to decide.

33 Sumptuous cartoon elephant tattoo on the chest

33. Sumptuous elephant tattoo on the chest.
It is impossible not to admire, looking at this amazing tat! This ink located on the chest, and definitely won’t fit humble and quiet people! Perfectly traced lines and realistic design makes this ink eye-catching and memorable!

34 elephant family tattoo on shoulder blade

34. The elephant family shoulder blade variant. The image of an adult elephant and its baby is frequently chosen by the woman, who treasure family ties. This tattoo on the shoulder blade is pained in a black and gray palette with numerous patterns in Indian style, which decorate the cute animals.

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