Innovative Nestrest Hanging Pod

Nestrest, an innovative new hanging pod woven from supersize strands of DEDON Fiber by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents.

Close collaborators of Jean-Marie Massaud, with whom they have forged new ways of working and approaching design, Daniel and Fred bring a rich diversity of experience to each project they undertake, alone or in a team.

Born and raised in Bucharest and a graduate of UP4 (Paris-Charenton), Daniel collaborated with Philippe Starck on large-scale architectural commissions before joining up with Jean-Marie. A graduate of Paris’s prestigious ENSCI industrial design school, Fred worked with Marc Berthier, then with Werner Aisslinger, before joining up with Jean-Marie and Daniel in 2004. He has collaborated with them on projects ranging from bathroom fixtures to yachts to a sustainable village in the Philippines.









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