Loft Bauhaus

Designed by Ana Paula Barros and located in Brazil, Loft Bauhaus is an example of modern architecture in its purest form, if such a thing exists.

Inspired by the famous Farnsworth House by Mies Van der Rohe, the residence explored five points of contemporary architecture: open plan, pilotis, free facade and ribbon windows.

The straight, harsh lines and overall minimalism characterizing modern design are attenuated with the extensive use of stone and wood, adding warmth throughout.

The project is composed by a large living room / dining room, which also works as a balcony. The room and the bathroom are in the same environment, having only the toilet hidden. The bath is open to the outdoor garden with a huge glass panel. The kitchen, which has no divisions, is located on the opposite side of the room and it is integrated with the dining room.











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