Lord Of The Rings Art By Norloth

Norloth is an artist who is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. Although originally from Shanghai, China, she is now based in Edinburg, United Kingdom, where she continues to create more of her fascinating artwork.

She usually creates different pieces based on the different fictional characters, places and even the actors and actresses of the said franchise. Norloth uses watercolor and colored pencils in most of her work however, she is also not afraid to used mixed media by combining the use of watercolor, colored pencils and digital art materials. Look out LOTR fans! With this kind of creativity, it looks like there will be more Tolkien artwork which she will be making soon. See more of her work here: http://norloth.com

JRR Tolkien Tribute Collage by Norloth

A very comfortable home by Norloth

Gandalf The Grey by Norloth

Return of the king under the mountain by Norloth

Far Over The Misty Mountains by Norloth

The Drawven Song Of Winter by Norloth

Gondor by Norloth

Hobbiton by Norloth

Lothlorien by Norloth

Mirkwood by Norloth

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