Painless Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are painless to get and remove compared with permanent tattoos. It’s easy and quick! As a form of body art, it has been with us and practiced for centuries as henna tattoos, body paintings for self-expression and identification of special events. Here temporary tattoos are referred to stick-on tattoos or transfer tattoos which resemble real tattoos.

How to get temporary tattoos

You can make it yourself. The first you need a tattoo idea. What is the tattoo for? Then draw the design using a gel pen of a dark color on tracing or parchment paper. The paper should be thin enough to allow easy transfer the design to your skin. Place the parchment paper in the desired body part. Wet a cloth in warm water and place the cloth over the paper for approximately 30 seconds and then slowly remove the paper. Now you get your temporary tattoo!

Flower temporary tattoos

peacock temporary tattoos

Large vintage roses temporary tattoo

Remember the transfer tattoos normally last 3 to 7 days and henna tattoos 2 to 4 weeks. Don’t touch water or it will fade out quickly. A lot of designs of temporary tattoos are available in etsy or online. It’s cheap to buy a piece and fun to get on your skin. In this post, we collected 45 awesome examples of the designs. It’s hard to tell temporary or permanent if you don’t look closely.

feathers temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos

Crane temporary tattoos

Lion Temporary Tattoo

Arrow & Feather temporary tattoos

Skull temporary tattoos

watercolor temporary tattoos

Font temporary tattoos

Heart temporary tattoos

Dogwood Never Dies Temporary Tattoo on Chest of the woman

House Baratheon Game of Thrones Tattoo

Dream catcher temporary tattoos

Infinity temporary tattoo

Skull in Roses Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo – Angel Wings

dreamcathcer Henna & Temporary Tattoos

butterfly temporary tattoos

Swooping Swallows temporary tattoo

Font temporary tattoos

Butterfly temporary tattoos

Cool Flower Custom Temporary Tattoo Ideas Image

Beautiful floral design temporary tattoo

Abstract Watercolor Temporary Tattoo

feathers temporary tattoos

Anchors temporary tattoos

Bow temporary tattoos

Beautiful temporary tattoos

Lace temporary tattoos

Boat temporary tattoos

Beautiful temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos for bike lovers

Flower temporary tattoos

compass temporary tattoo

Bird Temporary Tattoo

Floral temporary tattoos on arm

Dragonfly Temporary Tattoo

Wolf Temporary Tattoo

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Black Dragon Temporary Tattoo

Butterfly temporary tattoos

Flower Temporary Tattoo on Back

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