Paintings by Mark Spain

British artist Mark Spain is trained in technical graphics, but his talent extends far beyond the mechanical aspects of art, prints and posters. It takes the eye of a visionary to bring technical perfection to life.

Over the years Mark Spain has experimented with landscape, cityscape and figurative work. Constantly exploring varying subjects and techniques, Mark is an inventive artist with an exceptional eye. His talent has been widely recognized within the fine art world, with his work sought after by collectors. Figurative work is what he finds most challenging and satisfying, creating pieces with movement, fluidity and real atmosphere.




















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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a way to contact Mark to see if I can use some of his imagery for a Holiday show here in Los Angeles. Can someone please contact me regarding this. It is a national syndicated live TV special show so it will have a large audience.
    John Martinez
    Screen Producer

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