Paintings by Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

Sergio Martinez Cifuentes, dual Chilean-Spanish nationality, born in Santiago, Chile in 1966. As a young man, known for his drawings, which together with its stark poetry and musical compositions, beginning to structure their profile adolescent romantic and existentialist.

It is at this stage where he participated in numerous youth competitions in painting, gaining significant recognition, which helps you understand the true importance of their relationship with plastic. In its first stage attaches to descriptive realism, showing great control over the forms and content management and elegant color, being its main theme the landscape.

From 2000 to 2002, he associated the Pre-Rafaelism, allowing appear interesting features of interpretation. Change the oil on acrylic, your linen fine fabrics for added texture, but mostly, it changes its interest in the detail and finish, for the interest in gestural images and intense light and form. The subsequent return to the oil and the debugging, drag the dynamic experiences of acrylic that is perceived in the compositions and volume and light effects that appear to have no difficulty for him.








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