Surreal Paintings by Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva is an artist from Russia and currently resides in Saint Petersburg. In the wonderland of the artist, she created acrylic and mixed media paintings in the genre of surreal and psychedelic style.

Her work mostly comes from her inspirations of personal esoteric experiences elaborating themes of absurd and tricky human perception.

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  1. Amazing work. Subtle and sensual. I was always afraid to express myself in something like that. My older sister has a real talent! Once she gave me something unimaginably beautiful, depicted on canvas. Sister likes to travel, probably, on trips she draws inspiration, so she was inspired for such a gift to me. She handed me 3 pieces wall art and said: don’t give up! When I asked where she got this miracle, my sister said that from… well, I’m not giving up now!

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