Russia in Miniature

The Grand Model of Russia occupies 800 square meters in Saint-Petersburg. It is the largest country model in the world. You can watch many parts of Russia being assembled in Miniature. You are welcome to visit the exhibition in Saint-Petersburg.

St. Petersburg. cannot be done without the opening bridges.

Practically at the entrance, one gets to see the sights of St. Petersburg.

The model depicts Russia from its western frontiers to the Pacific coast.

The spit of Vasilievsky Island

A wedding on the embankment

Sailing ship in the port of St. Petersburg

Ancient sphinxes guard Russia’s northern capital

Spending leisure time in one of the numerous city parks

Stock Exchange building

Enjoying the beauty of flowers

Looking at the liners is especially enjoyable

Details of the liner

This could probably be an advertisement or a model of your home

There’s still a lot of work to be done. According to staff, the work will hopefully be completed by late 2011

The construction of Moscow has just started

Other than the tower and a part of the Kremlin wall, there’s a Metro station. The grand model workers promise to have a train running between Moscow and St. Petersburg

A pig farm

Studying the details is especially fascinating

Kizhi Island

A tiny detail – seagulls on the fence

A submarine

The cosmodrome isn’t completed yet

Like many other items

Getting nearer to the Urals

This is no longer the cultural capital – here one sees graffiti on garage walls

Railways connect Russia’s vast territory



Supervision and control station. It’s located right beneath the Ural Mountains ridge

A group of firemen is putting a forest fire out

A dinosaur was excavated here

Men have gathered to fix a car in the yard

Model cars and trains get their electricity supply directly from contact with the model – the entire electrical system is hidden under the model

In the evening a bus takes citizens home

Urban services at work

A rural church


A car is broken down and needs fixing

Deforestation in process

A local hotel “Podkova” (“Horseshoe”)
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