Digital & Traditional Art by Qinni

The Avatars by Qinni

Qinni or Qing Han is a brilliant Chinese artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a graduate of a BAA-Animation program and is currently a freelance illustrator, layout, painting and background artist. Although she is not taking commissions at the moment due to some health issues, she continues to make more beautiful illustrations. Although majority […]

Digital Art by Cynthia Decker

Narcissism Cynthia Decker is an artist living in the beautiful North Carolina mountains who created the realistic artwork rendered in 3D effect, using the artistic techniques of pixels instead of painting.

Digital art by Emerald de Leeuw

The Swan Emerald de Leeuw is a Law student as well as an artist from the Netherlands who works on amazing fantasy and fairytale characters. She specializes in both digital art and tradition art. Most of her art is a combination of digital painting, repainting and photo manipulation.

Digital Art by Hedieh Entekhabi

pure love Hedieh Entekhabi, aka Shiny-shadows is an amazing artist, photographer based in United Arab Emirates. She created gorgeous, emotional portraits using photo manipulation techniques with excellent composition of colors.