Figurative Paintings by Romel De La Torre

Romel De La Torre is a Philippines-born painter who’s currently lives and works in Chicago. Graduating with a fine arts concentration in American Academy of Art in Chicago. Romel continued his painting on figures, landscape, portraits, and still life which express the feeling, emotions and preferences of the artist.

Figurative Paintings by Kathrin Longhurst

Glamorous Figurative Paintings by Kathrin Longhurst, a contemporary artist from Sydney, Australia. Inspired by the year she spent in Belgium. Kathrin has a strong desire to portray everyday women how beautiful they are, through the delicate and elaborate details.

Figurative Paintings by Vladimir Mukhin

Figurative Paintings by Russian artist Vladimir Mukhin. His work is remarkable not only by exposing an absolute unconditional professionalism and maturity, but is very compelling by the fact that Vladimir is a poet, and his artistic visions can be considered as poetry in colors and shapes.

Figurative Paintings by Laurent Botella

Figurative Paintings by French artist Laurent Botella. Inpired by the impressionists and sketches of the great Italian masters, he paints his work in a spontaneous and structured manner with natural compositions and colours in order to highlight the subject. The incomplete processing of darks and the effects of light direct the eye toward the expressions, […]

Figurative Paintings by Chen Hongqing

Chen Hongqing,Born in Inner Mongolia, Chen studied oil painting at the China Academy of Fine Arts from 1984 to 1988. On graduation, he took up a teaching position at the middle school of the same Academy. Since 1988, his paintings have participated in numerous exhibitions across China, Japan and Singapore. Chen’s figurative paintings feature in […]