The K House

Designed by Ashton Raggatt McDougall (ARM), the K house is located at Surf Coast Victoria, Australia. The house was named by the first letter laconic owners’ names. By the way, the shape of the house and had some items in the shape of the letter “K “. Although the facade is made with simple materials gray interiors look brighter, thanks to the large amount of painted surfaces with a cherry-red color. The interior design is an interesting stand, where owners hold collection of 5,000 books and is also a small partition. As a whole, the residence of K is a unique example of modern architecture.

ARM is a firm of architects based in Melbourne, Australia known for “architectural outspokenness”. Founded in 1988, the firm has completed internationally renowned design work and the principals are Stephen Ashton, Howard Raggatt and Ian McDougall. Their design work has been featured on two Australian postage stamps.



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  1. err, K-mart – hello? This thing is hideous in every respect. What is up with modern architecture?

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