The Living Wall – Street Art by Nikita Nomerz


Nikita Nomerz is a graffiti/street artist from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Inspired by the the places in the city, Nikita is always able to find interesting point and create lovely human faces in an hour by adding eyes and facial features.

The sly smile-Кazan

Watcher man -Krasnoyarsk


Underground dweller-Nizhniy Novgorod


trash monster -Nizhniy Novgorod


The tower man-Perm


The Green Beard-Rostov on Don


The fire in the eyes-Nizhniy Novgorod


The faces-Perm


The eyes of the City-Nizhniy Novgorod


The City Sentinel-Rostov on Don


The big brother-Nizhniy Novgorod


–St. Petersburg






Open your eyes -Irkutsk


–Nizhniy Novgorod


Mr.Rooftop-Rostov on Don




Monster House-Nizhniy Novgorod


Just smile-Nizhniy Novgorod


Glutton -St. Petersburg


Breaking out-Tula


The Keeper of the Keys-pikalevo


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