Tiny Wooden House On Stilts

Commissioned by a family within the mountainous region of East Tyrol, this Austrian house is a fully-furnished and functional home set on a hillside overlooking some of the best mountain views in the area.

The house blends the comforts of a traditional house with the futurism of a contemporary design, all while bringing nature into the equation like little else. Two distinct modes of design can be seen from the outside of the house, with its front defined by angular wall divisions and its rear made up of one sweeping curve.

The house is set on stilts to maximize spectacular views while minimizing the environmental impact of its construction, a design choice rarely seen outside of beach communities. Windows, both small and large, provide light to every part of the building without sacrificing personal privacy, a consideration that’s often missed in the design of compact houses. The actual surface of the abode borrows from historical styles around it, integrating the forward-looking living place with the traditions around it.

The interior of the house is fairly minimal in style, dominated by a single wood finish and accented by clever little details in each room. The entryway provides some storage for coats and shoes, and immediate access to the structure’s main living space. Inside, combinations of the simple and the sophisticated give effortless grace to its design. A single wood theme flows throughout, instilling a comfortable and colloquial atmosphere to even the most oddly-shaped or futuristic piece of the house. Each room has its share of unique and innovative design elements, and even the staircase is a complex architectural project on its own. Within the walls of this condensed abode lies a vast array of intelligent design choices to make the most of its space.

The building is set above the landscape on metal structural stilts, leveling its floor with a minimal impact on its environment. The elevated nature of the home also leads to enhanced views out each window of the beautiful regional surroundings.















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