Watercolor Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has been painting fantastic otherworlds from early childhood, she left the world of typed logic and numbers, for painted worlds of dreams and the fae.

She has been greatly influenced by the art of the Impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, Surrealists, and the master hand of Nature. While most of Stephanie’s work is done with watercolors, she experiments with pen & ink, intaglio printing, acrylic, and digital painting as well.

Green gate


The seduction


Sleeps with butterflies

Queen of the cats


One white soul

On the darkest night

Midnight at the crossroads


Into the green


Inner workings

Heart of the wood

Forgotten bells of ys

Flights of fish fancy

Claws in the night

Black knight of midnight




Where the shadow used to fall

Whatcha reading

Vertical aspirations

Under the moon

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