Wolfeboro Lakeside Manor Residence

The sunny region of New England, New Hampshire accommodates a sumptuous range of lovely homes, borrowing some of the region’s specificity. Inspired by the natural landscape of Wolfeboro, with its lakes and mountains, the Wolfeboro Lakeside Manor residence spreads over 22,500 square feet. The house, completed by TMS Architects is a masterpiece in terms of execution.

The lakefront house is a good example of how nature can influence design and moreover, can add value to it. Borrowing some of Earth’s natural hues, the front is adorned with handcrafted stone. The irregular roof and the small tower embedded in the house’s structure remind us of the days when we listened eagerly to the bedtime stories read to us by our parents and we imagined that the main characters lived in spacious, gorgeous castles with lovely towers and curvacious shapes.










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