50+ Updos for Long Hair Ideas

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Very good hairstyle for a formal occasions like wedding of your best friend.

Long hair has always been a symbol of femininity. It was always in vogue. Many people do not pay much attention to their hair, believing it is trivial thing. But our hairstyle tells a lot about us. Yes, I believe that beauty comes from inside, but we must not forget about what tells our events. Because when people show up somewhere other people acquire a first impression of us based on our appearance, and only later can get to know us as people.

Our hairstyle tells whether we are healthy or not, whether we like comfort or not, whether we are rich, poor… Our piece tells whether we are rebel, romantic souls, trendsetters … Annually in America spends $ 16 billion on hair treatments and its care. … Long hair is in some way status symbol because it is considered that the lady who wears long hair has enough time to nourish, and sufficient funds for the purchase of high-quality products.

Haircut is attitude. If middle-aged woman wears long hair, she tells us that she feels young that and doesn’t care what others think about it. Those who frequently changes hairstyles still have not found themselves. People adjust their hair in wish to tell something to others with their style.

Long hair requires a lot of care. If you want healthy hair healthy you need to live, move, healthy eating, sufficient sleep, be healthy … They say that women used to have much healthier hair because they used herbal medicine, wash their with hair unpolluted water, have not been exposed to smog in the city as today’s women. But we always need to give the best of us so that our hair will look healthy and cared. There is a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks … Choose one and do not worry does your hair feels good with it, if it doesn’t it will be lifeless, will decline in the worst case, or will be too outrageous.

A hairstyles for long hair is enough. If you are in hurry and do not have time to do your hair you can fast put it in a ponytail. If you have time you can to blow-dry on the outside, on the inside, on the flat. Knit braid. Screw the big long curls. If you have straight hair, can create waves for change … Hairstyles with braids are extremely modern seasons ago. They come in many different forms, from the festive to those more casual for every day. This hairstyles are good because look very complicated but in fact it is easy to make it yourself. And for the perfect day and for evening. On Youtube you can find a lot of tutorials how to make this hairstyle. When it comes to hair, I have to tell you that the experts agree with the view that it’s best that hair isn’t very clean because it is more difficult to tame it. It is best to to do it after a few days of washing. If your hair is clean and you need to go out somewhere you put on a piece of wax and you will work with it to be easier.

If you feel cramped and somehow seemed to lose yourself a little change hairstyle, it will help. To repaint, change hair color… Small changes make life and lead to major changes. Do not just sit and wait for life to happen to you. Instead, you live it! Happiness is in the little things!

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Very good hairstyle for a formal occasions like wedding of your best friend.


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Thus collected hair can be worn both at work and for coffee with a friend.


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If you need to shine on any occasion, choose this hairstyle.


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For the most important day in your life, you can choose this kind of hairstyle.

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Long hair is beautiful but sometimes it know to annoy us so it is better for us to casually pick up it in a bun or ponytail.


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For this you need to have very long hair and someone who knows how to knit beautiful braids.


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Soft, elegant hairdo for the wedding …


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If you are going to exit the club or for a drink with friends, or no less, on the red carpet this casual hairstyle is an excellent choice.


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Extremely elegant hairstyle that reminds me of the Hollywood glamor of the twenties of the last century.

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Casually …

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Knit two braids on both side of the face, wind up them in a bun and you will get this kind of hairstyle.

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Another idea how to do your hairstyle with help of the braid.

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Hair ornaments have been worn for several seasons, so it is high time to find the ideal decoration for your hair.


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With the help of the insert that you have in almost every shop you make this kind of bun. Around it you can braid knit.

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Nice bun for every day.

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Similarly to bun on previous image.

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Here is the bun to the side.

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Romantic hairdo for almost every occasion.

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Your gentleman will delight the hair if you bring it to your wedding.

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The high bun and long pendulous earrings are an excellent combination.

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Very nice hairstyle is not so hard to do alone.


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Hairstyles with braids are so popular that even those who are not very conscientious in making hairstyles can easy make them.


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If you have strands in various colors you will definitely have an original hairstyle with braids.


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This type of hairstyle is great for both day and night whenever you can afford to be casual.

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Very glamorous and elegant bun.


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For such a wild braid is very important before the proceedings on the root of hair put product for better hair volume.


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Bow of hair.


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After this braided hair, always at the end spray it with hairspray to last longer and to not easy disperse.


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Excellent for job.


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If you want a relaxed braid is better to tight while knitting, but when you’re done with your fingers, loosen and pull where you want. So, your hairstyle will get a ”boho” look.


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The agent for the volume before the start do not forget, and finally beautify hair ornaments such as the one illustrated and hairstyles will become from casual, festive.


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Highlights in these colors ANNOUNCE I am brave and I do not care what you think about me!


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These hairpins can wonderful decorate the bride hairstyle.


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Casually picked up hair, with this decoration which gives an excellent touch of sophistication.


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Hairstyles with braids is best for lighter hair with streaks.


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Another idea for a hairstyle for the wedding …

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Low drooping buns are the most common choice of bride for her most important day in the life.

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Relaxed and low buns are gentle and seductive.


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The hair with lighter and darker streaks is always excellent material for a bun, because on this way colored hair buns coming to the fore.


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Braid over braid.


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A little more of skill you will need for this haircut, but much easier is to go to the hairdresser.


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A festive braids are a good choice for spring and summer weddings.


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Boho style is designed for those who prefer to live relaxed and also with relived and simplicity exudes hair.


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Dark roots on light hair is no longer taboo, but the style that many stars wear.


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I would add to this hairstyle festive dress and effective earrings and you’re ready for any festive occasion!


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A high buns will make you a couple of inches taller. These hairstyles can be smooth or casual it’s your to choose, and for the volume of hair do not worry. If you have thick hair, hair stylists have their own ways that your hair looks like it is full of volume.


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The bright highlights on dark hair will refresh your hair and give it volume.


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Seductive hairstyle just as the bride should be.


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Bun to the side with delicate details such as flowers.


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Another way to tame long hair!


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For tonight’s going out, you can choose this hairstyle.


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Seductive braid across the forehead.


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