Dimensional Photography

Dimensional Photography – amazing work created by collaboration between Nicolle Clemetson & Mike Campau. While Nicolle Clemetson is into pur photography, Mike Campau came with the 3D dimension aspect and added it to Nicolle’s Shots.

My Dear Neighbors


[pro-player]http://www.draftfcb.com/content/work/campaign-32/con_cok_dea_tv_par_zoom.flv[/pro-player] Conforama is known as a more traditional furniture chain. But with 48% of furniture buyers in France under age 35, Conforama wanted to shift perceptions and appeal to the sensibilities of this younger consumer. The 4 TV campaigns do… Continue Reading

UMM Design Collection

UMM(UNDERGROUND MUSIC MOVEMENT)” an italian brand. A collection of tshirts for night time streetwear and discowear with heavy graphic prints for UMM by Amit Kumar. Amit is a Fashion/Graphic Designer based in Ahmedabad, India