75 Striking One Piece Tattoos for Your Next Adventure

Raise the anchor and prepare to embark on a journey across the sea of skin with a One Piece tattoo. For fans of the beloved anime, the anime tattoos are not just a tribute to their favorite series but a badge of honor representing the values of freedom, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams.

Diverse One Piece tattoos – Iconic Symbols and Characters

One Piece is a treasure chest of iconic symbols and characters, each more colorful and unique than the last. From the straw hat that’s become synonymous with the series to the Jolly Roger flags of various pirate crews, there’s no shortage of recognizable designs to immortalize on your skin.

Trafalgar Law Tattoo

First up, let’s talk about the “Surgeon of Death,” Trafalgar Law. With his stoic demeanor and badass Ope Ope no Mi abilities, he’s become a fan favorite. Imagine a tattoo of Law, complete with his iconic hat and tattoos, or even those amber eyes that seem to hold the weight of the world. A Trafalgar Law tattoo isn’t just a piece of art; it’s a badge of coolness, a declaration of your appreciation for one of One Piece’s most enigmatic characters.

trafalgar law tattoo lower leg

Trafalgar Law one piece tattoo thigh

trafalgar law tattoo forearm

one piece law tattoo leg

one piece law tattoo

trafalgar law chest tattoo


If you’re a true One Piece fan, the code ‘3D2Y’ needs no introduction. This symbol is not just a set of characters; it’s the embodiment of a pivotal moment in the series—Luffy’s vow to grow stronger along with his crew. A tattoo of ‘3D2Y’ with the 3D crossed out tells a tale of resilience, improvement, and the unspoken bonds of friendship. Whether it’s subtly placed on your wrist or boldly displayed across your back, this design is a conversation starter and a personal motivator all in one.

Skull mark 3d2y tattoo

straw hat and 3d2y tattoo

3d2y one piece tattoo

Minimalist 3d2y one piece tattoo

Ace and Sabo

Ace and Sabo hold a special place in the hearts of One Piece fans. The bond of brotherhood between these characters is palpable, inspiring, and, at times, heart-wrenching. A tattoo that showcases both Ace’s fiery spirit and Sabo’s cool determination can be a beautiful representation of how opposites can come together to create an unbreakable bond. Whether it’s two halves of a coin, their respective hats, or a poignant scene with them together, this tattoo idea celebrates the brothers-in-arms and the family you choose.

Ace and Sabo One Piece tattoo

Ace and Sabo One Piece tattoo lower leg

Ace’s Final Flame. Ace

Ace’s iconic ‘ASCE’ tattoo, with the crossed-out ‘S’, is the perfect blend of mystery and sentiment. Fans know the deep meaning behind this design, representing not only Ace’s own name but also the hidden ‘S’ for Sabo. It’s a small but powerful tattoo that can fit anywhere on your body. It pays homage to Ace’s legacy and the enduring love for a character that left us too soon.

Ace one piece tattoo

portgas d ace tattoo

ace one piece hand tattoo

ace one piece in fire tattoo

ace one piece tattoo thigh

asce tattoo half sleeve

Half sleeve asce tattoo

Brook’s Soulful Symphony

The soul king himself, Brook, with his skeletal grin and funky afro, makes for an eye-catching and unique tattoo. From his violin to his cane sword, there are many elements to Brook that can inspire a tattoo. Imagine a design featuring Brook in the midst of a soulful serenade or his iconic “Can I see your panties?” pose. It’s the perfect way to express your love for this musical undead pirate and the joy he brings to the Straw Hat crew.

brook one piece tattoo on upper arm

brook one piece tattoo thigh

Chopper’s Cuteness Overload

Who wouldn’t want a tattoo of the cutest member of the Straw Hat pirates? Chopper, the reindeer that can melt even the coldest of hearts. It is a great choice for a tattoo that’s both adorable and meaningful. His various transformation points offer a range of design options, from his cuddly Brain Point to his mighty Monster Point. A Chopper tattoo can be a reminder of the innocence and strength that reside within us all, no matter how small we may seem.

chopper tattoo upper arm

Cute chopper tattoo on calf

chopper tattoo black and grey

Doflamingo’s Flamingo Flair

The flamboyant and menacing Donquixote Doflamingo provides ample inspiration for a striking tattoo. His pink feather coat, sunglasses, and wicked smile can make for an imposing and stylish piece of art. A Doflamingo tattoo could represent the darker side of One Piece. It also acknowledges the challenges and adversaries that make the story so compelling.

Doflamingo one piece tattoo calf

One piece Doflamingo tattoo

Franky the Cyborg

“SUUUPER!” That’s what you’ll feel like with a tattoo of the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky. His cyborg design and radical appearance, complete with a star tattoo and blue hair, make for a bold statement piece. Whether it’s a full-body Franky complete with his mechanical arms or a simpler design featuring his trademark sunglasses, a Franky tattoo is a way to bring some of his super energy into your life.

Franky one piece tattoo arm

Franky one piece tattoo forearm

The Might of Kaido

Kaido, the Beast Pirates’ governor-general, is known as the “Strongest Creature in the World,” and for a good reason. His dragon form offers a majestic and awe-inspiring tattoo design, perfect for fans who want to capture the might and ferocity of One Piece’s universe. The intricate scales, fierce eyes, and striking silhouette of Kaido in his dragon form can span a large canvas.

Kaido tattoo forearm

Luffy and Kaido tattoo

Luffy and Zoro

What better way to pay tribute to One Piece than with a tattoo of the dynamic duo, Luffy and Zoro? Their camaraderie and unyielding determination are the foundation of the Straw Hat Pirates. A design that captures a classic pose, speaks volumes about loyalty and the shared vision of reaching one’s goals. This tattoo could be an embodiment of your personal dreams and the friends who stand with you through thick and thin.

Luffy and Zoro tattoo

Monkey D Luffy and Zoro tattoo forearm

Luffy Gear 5 Tattoo

If you’re all about that high-octane energy, a tattoo of Luffy in his Gear 5 form is as dynamic as it gets. Picture the intensity of Luffy’s boundless power and fierce determination etched onto your skin. This design isn’t just about capturing a character. It’s about embodying a spirit that refuses to be broken, a will that bends for nothing. If you’re someone who lives life with full force, this tattoo is your battle cry.

Luffy gear 5 tattoo lower leg

Luffys Gear 5 One Piece

The laugh of fifth gear monkey D luffy tattoo

luffy gear 5 one piece tattoo

The Captain’Luffy Tattoo

Monkey D. Luffy isn’t just the heart and soul of One Piece; he’s a symbol of adventure itself. A Luffy tattoo can capture his wide-brimmed straw hat, his infectious grin, or his signature scar under the eye. Whether you choose a full-blown action pose or a serene portrait of the captain in repose, a Luffy tattoo speaks to the dreamer in all of us, the part that yearns for freedom and the open sea.

Luffy tattoo forearm

Monkey D Luffy dotwork tattoo

One piece luffy tattoo forearm

Luffy calf tattoo

LUFFY forearm tattoo

Luffy One Piece Blackwork

Minimalist One Piece Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos? Absolutely! One Piece’s rich world is full of simple icons that pack a punch. Think of the Straw Hat flag, a tiny Devil Fruit, or the iconic “X” mark of the Straw Hat Pirates’ vow. These understated tattoos make for an elegant nod to your favorite series, a subtle sign to those in the know. And they can be a perfect conversation starter for those yet to set sail on the One Piece adventure.

Minimalist Luffy straw hat tattoo

Minimalist one piece skull tattoo

Nami Tattoos

Nami, the Straw Hats’ navigator, is as fierce as she is skilled. A tattoo featuring Nami can be as complex as her weather-controlling abilities or as simple as her iconic tangerine trees and waver. For those who see life as a map to be charted or feel a kinship with Nami’s savvy and independence, a tattoo of our favorite navigator could be your compass.

nami one piece tattoo black and grey

nami one piece tattoo

Nami Tattoo upper arm

Colored nami one piece tattoo

Nami from One Piece tattoo black and white

nami one piece tattoo arm

Nico Robin Tattoos

Nico Robin, the archaeologist with a tragic past and a hopeful future, brings an air of mystery and grace to the Straw Hat crew. A tattoo of Robin could include her serene smile, her hands sprouting wings through her Devil Fruit powers, or even the poignant phrase “I want to live!” For those who share her thirst for knowledge and unwavering resolve, this tattoo is a tribute to the stories we keep and the histories we uncover.

Nico Robin tattoo

Watercolor Nico Robin tattoo

nico robin tattoo forearm

One Piece Skull Patch Tattoo

The Jolly Roger is the quintessential pirate emblem. And the Straw Hat version is iconic in its own right. A One Piece skull patch design can be as detailed or as stylized as you like. This design captures the spirit of the series in a single, powerful symbol. It’s not just a flag, but a declaration of freedom, a badge of honor. And it’s also a sign that you’re part of a global crew who cherish the One Piece saga.

one piece logo patch tattoo

One piece skull patch tattoo

Sanji Tattoos

Sanji, the Straw Hat’s suave and skilled cook, is a blend of class and combat. A tattoo of Sanji could include his dapper suit, his cigarette dangling effortlessly. It can even features his foot ablaze, ready to kick down any obstacle. Sanji fans know that a tattoo of the love-struck chef is more than an ink. It’s a homage to the man who feeds the body and soul, reminding us that behind every great venture is a great meal.

Sanji tattoo thigh

sanji tattoo wrist

sanji tattoo black and white

Thousand Sunny Tattoos

The Thousand Sunny isn’t just a ship; it’s a home to our beloved pirates. A tattoo of the Sunny, with its lion figurehead and sunny disposition, is a beacon of the Straw Hats’ enduring spirit. Whether you go for an elaborate full-color masterpiece or a compact silhouette, the Thousand Sunny tattoo is for those who carry the spirit of adventure in their hearts, wherever they may roam.

One Piece thousand sunny tattoo Tattoo

thousand sunny tattoo calf

Japanese style thousand sunny tattoo

Usopp One Piece Tattoos

Next, we have the brave warrior of the sea—Usopp. His journey from a scared, nose-stretching fibber to a valiant fighter is nothing short of inspiring. A tattoo of Usopp, slingshot in hand, can symbolize the growth we all undergo in life. Whether you opt for a youthful Usopp or the more mature Sogeking mask, you’re capturing the essence of bravery and the spirit of never giving up on your dreams.

Usopp lower leg tattoo

Usopp one piece tattoo

Leg Usopp tattoo

Zoro One Piece Tattoos

Now, let’s cut to the chase with Roronoa Zoro. This three-sword-wielding badass is the epitome of dedication and strength. A Zoro tattoo could feature him in mid-battle, bandana-clad, with a sword in his mouth, or simply standing ready to face whatever comes his way. Zoro isn’t just a character; he’s a reminder to stay disciplined and focused, no matter how many times you get lost along the way.

Zoro one piece tattoo lower leg

Zoro tattoo quarter sleeve

Zoro one piece tattoo black and grey

Zoro Sword One Piece Tattoo

And speaking of Zoro, let’s not forget his swords. They’re practically characters in their own right! Zoro’s swords tattoo is a deep cut for the dedicated fans. Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Shusui aren’t just weapons; they’re the tools of a master, symbols of a warrior’s path. This ink can be a tribute to the artistry and lore behind each legendary blade.

Zoro one piece with sword tattoo

Zoro one piece with two swords tattoo

zoro three sword one piece tattoo

One piece Zoro Enma tattoo

zoro 3 sword tattoo black and grey

Nami and Usopp tattoo

Nami and Usopp tattoo

If you like how the Straw Hat crew works together, a Nami and Usopp tattoo might be a great pick. This design can show how odd their friendship is and how their very different but complementary personalities are. Whether Nami’s smarts match Usopp’s imagination or they’ve both been brave at times, a tattoo of these two characters shows how interesting the relationships are in One Piece.

Shanks, Kaido Blackbeard, Zoro and Luffy

Shanks Kaido Blackbeard Zoro and Luffy back tattoo

Ready for the ultimate commitment? How about an epic back piece featuring Shanks, Kaido, Blackbeard, Zoro, and Luffy? This tattoo is a canvas-wide declaration of your love for One Piece. It’s a mural of power, will, and the extraordinary destinies that intertwine in the series. Each character can represent different facets of the pirate world—honor, ambition, darkness, strength, and adventure—all coming together to form a breathtaking tableau.

Straw hat tattoo

Straw hat tattoo

The Straw Hat is more than just headgear; it’s the symbol of a promise, a dream, and a journey. A Straw Hat tattoo could be a simple, clean design, but it’s loaded with meaning. It speaks of the bond between Shanks and Luffy, of dreams passed down and promises kept. This tattoo is for those who carry their commitments close to their heart, forever chasing the horizon.

Ace whitebeard tattoo

Ace whitebeard tattoo back

The Ace Whitebeard design is a tribute to the bond of family and the legacy of a pirate. Portgas D. Ace and the Whitebeard emblem are powerful symbols of love, loyalty, and the true meaning of family. A back tattoo of Ace’s iconic ‘ASCE’ with the Whitebeard flag is a heart-rending homage to the character’s story and the impact he had on fans worldwide.


Your One Piece tattoo is more than just ink—it’s a personal crest that celebrates your journey through life. Like Luffy and his crew, we’re all in search of our own treasure, and what better way to commemorate that than with a tattoo that’s as unique as the One Piece itself?

Remember, the best tattoos are those that hold a special meaning for the wearer, so whether you opt for a full back piece depicting the Battle of Marineford or a tiny Chopper hiding behind your ear, make sure it’s a tattoo that resonates with your inner pirate. Now, set sail and let the world see your One Piece pride!

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