20 DIY Storage Box Ideas

Children, but and those a little older, like decorative things that enrich our homes and make it warmer. When we get them for a present we always look forward to them, and with special care we choose the place where we will put them. Many decorative boxes that we like have a high price, and they are often not a priority and we do not buy them. However, with a little effort and a small investment, we can DIY beautiful storage boxes in our own home and truly play around with beautiful decorations.

Storage boxes are indispensable to every home. Just like a drawer for all things we don’t know where to put, in these boxes we can postpone the things we want. In this way, things will be settled and always available, and we will save our nerves and avoid question “where to put this?”. You can keep these beautiful boxes in a visible or hidden place, on an open shelf or in a closet. Put them in a living room, a sleeping room, and especially children will like it, so they will surely find the application in the child’s room! You can make them from cardboard, from the spherical plate, you can refresh the old boxes with decorative paper, beautiful material, decorative ribbons, or paint them in some other color…

One of the most beautiful techniques for decorating wooden boxes and other things made of wood is decoupage. Namely, there are special magazines that come out on a weekly, monthly, quarterly period where you can find a variety of pictures on rice paper. There are different pictures in those magazines that you need to cut into special pieces and with special adhesive and brushes paste them on wooden boxes. My advice is to decorate additionally pictures when you paste them on box or frame with the golden contour paste so it will be more interesting and luxurious. This is a very easy way to decorate things that do not require a lot of talent and creativity, so be free to try this technique. You never know, you might discover a new interest and get a new hobby.

In them you can place pens, notes, phone chargers, scissors and thread, books, old gramophone records, or cd of your favorite artists, jewelry… Since things in a house or apartment are non-stop crowded, it’s always good to have extra storage space. That’s what every home needs. We all have at home, at least one drawer for all things what we don’t use every day. Using our examples from the gallery, you will get an idea of how to make practical boxes that you will use for storage and great decoration at the same time.

Examples of how you can organize, decorate and take advantage of these practical boxes look in the gallery that we carefully prepared for you. There is a lot of ideas, both in our gallery and on the Internet. You choose the idea that you most like and most suits your style and your space. Details unforgettable makes space, and are useful and practical decorations, which no one leaves indifferent. Enjoy the gallery!

Very simple way of decorating things. You just need to go in shop and buy ornamental paper with which you will wrap old boxes, worn boxes, or ordinary boxes that have no mockery and are boring.

With the help of a little material that is interesting and interesting you can decorate and refresh many things in your home, and from them with very little effort to get perfect decorations. Cut out the food boxes as it is shown in the picture, a little decorative paper and lace, and a place for storing books, pens, and the like.

Here’s how to make an interesting jewelry box, which will surely be unique and practical. I’m sure your friends will be delighted.

You can also use this box to store jewelry, or some other little things. The picture shows how to make it, it’s not difficult, you’ll only need a little effort!

Extension cables are something that irritates us all when we see it. It looks kind of messy. Here’s how you can hide it. You will be original and practical without much effort!

In the ordinary drawer, these little things are scattered and look untidy, so fix the drawer or shelf in this way and your little things will look neat and organized!

If you are an artistic soul, wooden boxes will be easiest decorated with the help of paint and brushes. In this way, you will surely get unique and very original boxes that, apart from the practical side, will be the true decoration of your home.

The next time you go to throw a food box, think carefully. Is that just a food box? With the help of various decorative selotepes you can also decorate different boxes.

If you need some additional drawers and you have a similar commode, here is the solution for that problem.

Things are often not what they look like, just like this books…

You can also use different textiles, and the choice of material is on you. Here are examples of those who prefer rustic style in their home.

The most common rope is the frequent choice of many artists and DIY masters. Although seemingly ordinary and ugly, it can be very decorative with a fine detail combined with some other detail.

You do not have to throw rolls of toilet paper. Try and use them to create a decorative pencil box!

With the help of old paper sheets, you will make an interesting basket. You can spray it with a special lacquer to make it more solid. The motifs of the newspaper are very popular today, so in a modern home, this detail will surely find a place.

Why do small notes, scissors, sticky tape and decorative paper, ends and pins, rulers, be scattered in drawers. Organize the drawer functionally so that you do not have to spend time searching for small things, to pull out everything from drawer and then to return.

This storage boxes will delightfully decorate the children’s room, and the children will be very happy.

You have old jeans. So far, I hope you learned that nothing is dropping. Everything is possible to use for the purpose of making a variety of decoration.

An ordinary box can become a great place to store caps, scarves, gloves and gloves in the lobby. Be honest, these things are almost always downgraded because they are small things we often use. Well, there must always be such a thing! Follow the instructions in the picture and one such box can be great for your home.

Jewelry is important to every lady. Mostly all the ladies have enough jewelry, and the box for its disposal is never enough. Here’s another idea of how to organize transparent and neatly beautiful accessories that give the main seal to your image.

Who would have thought that underneath this wonderful pencil box, food boxes were hidden.

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