35 DIY Dream Catcher Ideas

Sure enough, dreams are normal. You would go to sleep every night and before you know it. You’re flying in the clouds; meeting your favorite person in the world; staying on a great place or everything you want. But we usually cannot control our dreams. Although some people claim to have done it, our dreams are still an area mankind cannot take control of. This means we won’t be able to know what our dream would be unless we’re actually experiencing it. We won’t be able to know what will happen and most of the time we don’t have a say on what will happen. This is somehow the scary part of sleeping; never knowing when a nightmare will emerge.

Now, a nightmare is what we want to avoid if we can. Elders say you shouldn’t sleep on an empty or full stomach since nightmares will haunt your sleep. Others say you’d have it if you have done some terrible things. It’s how your subconscious will let you know you’re doing a bad thing. Whether these sayings and the other ones as well are true or not, there would definitely be nights when we would dream of being chased, getting lost, things we are afraid of in waking life or anything that will make jolt you awake in the middle of the night often soaked in sweat and heart trumping so bad.

DIY Dream Catcher: Savior from Nightmares

As we can agree to not wishing anymore nightmares, here is a little something that is said to save us from our troubles. No, it’s not coffee that will keep us awake, thus away from bad dreams. This one originates from the Native Americans; a beautiful piece made to “catch” bad dreams and trap it so only the good ones would reach us. This is the Dream Catcher.

For Native Americans, the air is filled with both the good and the bad dreams. When a dream catcher is hung, the good dreams would be able to flow through the loops and down on the feathers to the person sleeping. This will allow them to have good night sleeps and sweet dreams. The bad ones would be trapped in the web so it won’t be able to get to the sleeper. Then all those trapped dreams would be gone when the first ray of sun hits it. It has been part of the traditions of the Native Americans for years and has also been adapted by the whole world.

But apart from saving us from dreams we don’t want to dream. DIY dream catchers are also symbols of strength and unity that is why it’s usually hung up high and free. In addition, theye could also serve as beautiful decorations. The designs vary and you can even make your own.

Dreamcatcher DIY

Sleep and Wish for a Sweet Dream

The loops in the middle is made from crocheted wool in a design that basically familiar for dream catchers. Instead of feathers and other tiny trinkets, the lower part is made from colorful strips of cloth.

Dreamcatcher DIY-7

Instead of the common circle loop, you can do it in a crescent-shaped twig which makes it more personal and self-made. Of course the intertwining strings are there to trap the bad dreams. Then decorate it with different feathers, beads and floral pieces for a vintage-feminine design.

Dreamcatcher DIY-8

This one has a sleek and elegant design; from the crocheted string in the center to the white laces, buttons, beads and fluffy white feather hanging down.

Dreamcatcher DIY-9

This one looks more native than other designs. Instead of strings in the loop, a Y-shaped twig is placed. Then hanging below are leather strings with feathers. The accent of the dream catcher is floral piece in the side.

Dreamcatcher DIY-10

This one is closer to the usual dream catchers. It has loops of strings in the center and feathers, tassles and every day trinkets dangling where the dreams will flow.

Dreamcatcher DIY-14

This one is entirely made from strings. From the loops, to the lower part. Some are braided and crocheted but mostly are left freely.

Dreamcatcher DIY-15

Crescent Moon Dream Catcher

This one is rather unique. Unlike in usual where the loops are created in circle, this one is in crescent with a little circle hanging in the center. The feathers are also dangled in alongside each other in varying levels.

Dreamcatcher DIY-16

This one might look complicated but it’s actually like doing a normal one. However, you’d have to create 5 circles with looped strings here in different sizes and attach them to one another. Then you can proceed with strategically hanging the feathers and beads.

Yin Yang Dream Catcher With Feathers Car Wall Hanging Decoration Ornament Gift

A yin-yang inspired dream catcher with blue and black feathers, beads and strings.

Handmade Colorful Rainbow Dream Catcher Headboard Decoration Interior Ideas

Another unique dream catcher. Instead of feathers and other trinkets hanging, here it’s little dream catchers. And of course the strings follow the rainbow for colorful dreams ahead.

Handmade Dream Catcher With Feathers Hanging Decoration Interior Ideas

Unlike the loop of strings, this one resembles more of a tree with beads in the branches reaching up to the circle. Then the roots are made of the string as well with feathers attached.

Dreamcatcher DIY-17

For a more personal touch, add some of your stuff in your dream catcher like your pendant, some buttons you had over the years, rosary beads and some cloth and laces from dresses and clothes you’ve had.

Dreamcatcher DIY-18

Loops made from twigs could be hard to do but once it’s done, it would give a more earthly feel and design.

Dreamcatcher DIY-19

This little dream catcher has a rather unique loop in the middle in the shape of a star. You can find tutorials on the net on how to achieve that.

Dreamcatcher DIY-20

Almost like a curtain, this dream catcher design is made up of many dream catchers with different loop styles attached together. Then a curtain of laces, feathers and beads are attached below.

Dreamcatcher DIY-21

This cute dream catcher is made of a steel circle (which you can find at home on curtains), a yarn for the loops, and some feather pendants in case you haven’t found real ones. It gives the look of a modern dream catcher.


Here’s another variation of an earlier design. But this one has a single tiny feather in each little dream catcher hanging down.

Paletas de Pina Summer Wedding width=

This one is much more of a design since it has no loops where the dreams could be trapped or go through. But it’s great pieces for weddings thus the floral design.

Lampe Dreamcatcher DIY

Lampe Dreamcatcher DIY

This one is a fusion between a lamp and a dream catcher. You can use the framework of a lamp to create this.

Large Gray Feathers & Crochet Dream Catcher

Large Gray Feathers & Crochet Dream Catcher

If you’re really good at crocheting, you can easily make the loop in the center. Then simply add some little every day stuff in a string and tie it to your dream catcher.

owl or dreamcatcher

Here’s a cute owl-inspired dream catcher with the use of two loops, beads and different feathers.

Tree of Life Dream Catcher

Instead of regular loops, this one is designed like the branches of a tree (like another one mentioned before). It’s sleek looking especially with the strings and feathers hanging.

Vintage Lace and Hemp Dreamcatche

If you want a vintage looking design, you can find a lace or crocheted yarn and then add it on your dream catcher. It also gives an added effect of glam.

Wedding dreamcatcher

If you wanta challenging yet beautiful piece of art, you can recreate this crocheted dream catcher.

White Rose and Gold Glitter Dream Catcher

Who says you can’t make a dream catcher glamorous? Decorate the circle frame with white roses (fresh or faux) then add some feathers with gold glitter tip. It’s definitely going to catch you some great dreams.

White Rose and Gold Glitter Dream Catcher

Authentic Native American Dream Catcher Tapestry Europe White Wall Hanging Dream Catcher for Room Car Decorate

This one is much more on the authentic side of dream catcher that you can make. It could slightly be challenging with the crochet part but if you have the talent, it would be a great project.

Colorful Dreamcatcher with Doily

This is a colorful and attractive dream catcher made with different colored strings attached to the loops in the center. To make it even more beautiful, add different kinds and colors of cloths and feathers.

DIY Dream Catchers Made by Kids

DIY Dream Catchers // Made by Kids

This is a DIY project that can be made with your kids. The loops aren’t that complicated so you can easily teach it to them. Plus you can make it a challenge and game for them to find and collect stuff to attach to it.

DIY Dreamcatcher Jewelry

Not all dream catchers are made to be hung on the wall. Some are made to be worn. Here’s a little dream catcher bracelet for you.


DIY Dreamcatcher adds style and texture to the setting

If you aren’t good with loops or even with crocheting, you can simply put a lace in your dream catcher. It still has loops where good dreams could easily flow through and down to you.

Dream Catcher Brass and Glass

Dream Catcher Brass and Glass

Dream catchers are usually colorful and made with feathers. But a black one with only beads to design it would totally work both as a dream catcher and a modern-decor.

dream catcher earrings

Another dream catcher jewelry must-have. If you have past experiences with earring or jewelry making, you can make this work for you.

Dreamcatcher DIY-5

Another tree-inspired dream catcher with more beads and complicated (but you can still learn) knots.

Dreamcatcher DIY-11

If you think the previous variations of this chandelier-like dream catcher is over the top, you can create this one with faux (or real) feathers hanging down.

Dreamcatcher DIY-12

Another intricate but definitely beautiful piece. Create different styles of dream catchers with a common theme and attach them to each others. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design and use clocks or perhaps,spoons.

Dreamcatcher DIY-13

A heart-shape, peace-sign dream catcher is the best way to catch all those beautiful dreams. And the best way to decorate a house.

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  1. I love the creative design with the use of the old Doyle..I have many of my 101 yr..Grandmothers ” I’m going to create my own ..Fabulous…thank you…

  2. I recently just made a clock dream catcher! Although its not finished, still have to hang feathers(which I seem to be the absolute worse at!) It turned out pretty good!

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