Paintings by Trent Gudmundsen

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Trent Gudmundsen sees no dividing line between his life as an artist and any other aspect of his life. Gudmundsen is represented by fine art galleries in California (Carmel, Santa Barbara, & Palm Desert), Arizona (Scottsdale), Montana (Whitefish), and Utah (Park City & Bountiful).

“The things I value deep in my heart always end up showing themselves in my paintings, such as the idea that beauty exists in simple tasks, and that man can coexist with nature in a truly beautiful way…Inspiration comes at me from a lot of angles, but I find that I’m drawn to subjects that remind me of the rural area where I was raised (which, as I recall, was pretty close to the perfect place to grow up)…I enjoy painting people in every-day situations, whether that be on the farm or in a corner shop or restaurant, and feel that there’s a certain timelessness in capturing quiet moments of real life.”

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