Concept Art by Luke Mancini

assassin s game by mr jack d3e0pdq by Mr Jack600 465
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Assassin’s game

Concept Art by Luke Mancini. Luke is an artist from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He’s a concept artist in Blizzard Entertainment currently living Irvine, California.

araxian herald of trickery by mr jack d549j66 by Mr Jack600 471
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Araxian herald of trickery

shanis bladefall by mr jack d38rxk4 by Mr Jack600 465
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Shanis bladefall

rustborne aquilae by mr jack by Mr Jack600 900
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Rustborne aquilae

chaotic rush by mr jack d390l9o by Mr Jack600 465
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Chaotic rush

blessing of virtue by mr jack d38xxww by Mr Jack600 472
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Blessing of virtue

barb by mr jack d4k17yp by Mr Jack600 949
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