30 Awesome Cherry Tattoos Designs

Cherry blossom side tattoo for women

Cherry blossom in Kyoto

A Cherry blossom is a kind of flower that is fading and withered very quickly. In the Japanese culture, this represents the transience of life, which is often associated with Buddhism influence that states all life is suffering and transitory.

In western culture, cherries are known to be a very sexual fruit, with their color of red which is associated to blood, which represent feminine beauty and sexuality. In modern world, people love cherry tattoos mostly for the latter reason.

Today I collected 30 awesome cherry Tattoos Designs. Most of them are inked on the backs, ribs, arms, and feet. Please enjoy the beautiful pictures and I hope you can find inspirations from them. Check out the link you will have the opportunity to view more of the portfolio of the artist.

1 cherry blossom branch600 5471

Cherry Blossom Branch and Birds

A bird on cherry blossom tree

A bird on cherry blossom tree

3 cherry tree600 9001

Taiji, Japanese Poet and cherry blossom

4 owl on cherry tree600 4311

Owl on Cherry Tree

5 japan cherry tattoo600 8001

Japan cherry tattoo

6 cherry blossoms 484 6481

Cherry blossoms and Chinese character

7 sakura600 9021

Sakura Rib tattoo for women

8 sparrow and cherry blossoms 594 4671

Sparrow and cherry blossoms

9 cerezos600 9021

10 healed600 886

Cherry blossoms and butterflies

11 untitled600 5891

Cherry blossoms swirls ankle tattoo

12 cherry on foot600 8771

Cherry blossoms birds on foot

14 cherry blossom tattoo on ribs600 7841

cherry blossom tattoo on ribs

15 cherry blossom tree and lettering tattoo600 929

Cherry blossom tree and lettering tattoo

16 chery blossoms sakura600 925

Cherry Blossoms Sakura

18 allstar tattoo and body piercing 515 9741

Cherry Blossoms side tattoo

19 untitled600 4501

20 cherry blossom600 791

Mini cherry blossoms neck tattoo

21 cherry tree tattoo600 4001

Cherry tree tattoo

22 pretty blossom tattoo on the arm600 8001

Pretty blossom tattoo on the arm

23 cherry blossom tattoo600 4271

Cherry blossom tattoo

24 cherry blossom torso600 800

Cherry Blossom Torso

25 only the strong cherry blossom branch600 4501

Only The Strong – Cherry Blossom Branch

26 temporary tattoos600 3451

Temporary tattoos

27 cherry blossoms600 6421

Cherry blossoms

28 cherry blossom tattoo600 3961

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

29 my new tattoo600 4501

Cherry back tattoo

30 cherry blossom600 8911

Sketch of Cherry Blossoms

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