100+ Awesome Examples of Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A full sleeve tattoo is usually intricate from the shoulder to the wrist of the arm, which is an attractive canvas for both tattoo lovers and artists. It is inevitably a choice for tattoo addict as there are so many wonderful designs and subjects for reference. But there’s something you need to know before having the full sleeve tattoo despite of the lure.

Depending on the complexity of the design, it normally takes longer time to get it done, whether you would like to fill in one for cover up, or to create a new design. Because of its large area, it’s more difficult to remove. Bad one or poorly executed may be offensive, so it’s important to have careful study on both the studio and the design.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great ones we can take reference. In this post, I carefully collected a list of 100+ awesome full sleeve tattoos for your reference. Hope you can find inspiration on your full sleeve tattoo ideas. Be sure check out the link to view more portfolio of the tattoo artists. Remember it’s the same important to appoint an best tattoo artist for you tattoo execution.

Whimsical illustration works on the canvas of full sleeve. Fashionable female portrait, bird, heart symbol splashed with black ink and decorative cursive script.

Whimsical illustration

This awesome tattoo is a whimsical illustration inked on the canvas of 360 degree of full sleeve with a fashionable female portrait, flying birds, heart symbol splashed with black ink and decorative cursive script.

Owl oil Lampfall leaf and wolf full sleeve tattoo

Owl, oil Lamp,fall leaf and wolf

An intricate brilliant design combines alerting elements of flying birds, a owl, an oil lamp, a fall leaf and a wolf, which transmits vigilance attitude toward life. On the other hand, the elements are rendered in realistic style and the theme is amazing.

world of warcraft full sleeve tattoo

World of Warcraft character

Video game character has always been inspiration for tattoo ideas. For example, World of Warcraft has become popular and one of sources for sleeve tattoo idea. People love to play the online game because of heroes, joy and frustration brought by the game.

Stylish woman full sleeve tattoo

Stylish woman

I have never been so impressed by the traditional tattoo like this one. The beauty of the stylish woman is not only rendered by the elements like standing bird, flora and tiger face, but also enhanced accent of color and seamless combination of the elements.

Lion rose and bird full sleeve tattoo

Lion, rose and bird

The lion is considered the king of the jungle that’s why it’ a quite masculine metaphor to express the meaning of power and strength. Rose, on the other hand, is the representation of love, which means even the strongest man conceals love in his deep heart.

Free dance full sleeve tattoo

Free dance

Life is beautiful and colorful, which is especially true in amine and fantasy world. The tattoo turns the arm into a fantasy world full of UV light with focus on the dancing girl under the spotlight of a fire ball. On the top, a staring eye adds mystery to the look.

Wonder girl full sleeve tattoo

Wonder girl

The incredibly realistic tattoo highlights a pondering girl done in shades of black and white. Moreover, the clock hands in front of her face as well as the clock in retro steampunk style accent the mood of the picture.

full sleeve tattoo

Tight shirt

The black themed tattoo turns the woman’s arm to sleeve of tight shirt with flower decorating pattern, which is evident by the triangle cuff at the end of the tattoo.

Queen of myth full sleeve tattoo

Queen of myth

Many of tattoos are based on legends or mysterious stories. For example, this tattoo features a woman with a crown and halo in abstract depiction. The great details of cross, shark mouth and triangle eye add eery feeling.

Mixed flowers

The flower inspired sleeve tattoo features concentric mandala on both ends. In middle, a rose flower is centered at the place of elbow.

Tribal mandala

Mandala layers


Warrior vs philosopher

The black and white themed tattoo takes you to distant Greek civilization. On the top is a fully armored soldier and on the bottom is a meditative wise man. There is always debate who is the best dominant to govern the country.

Skull with eye

Portrait full sleeve tattoo

Maori tattoo

Maori tattoo originated from indigenous Maori people in New Zealand. But now it’s popular choice for men all over the world. This tribal inspired design is overwhelmed with Maori elements such as Tiki, spiral patterns and matau.


Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus is one of favorite choices for women’s tattoo ideas. Hibiscus tattoos normally come in a variety of colors. But this one rendered in pure black and white outlines.

Skull full sleeve tattoo

Arm Spine

Isn’t horrible to be able to view the bones in human body transparently? The black themed tattoo does more, which lets you see the vertebral in the arm. Of course, it’s exaggerating representation of Gothic style.

full sleeve tattoo

Bird and hand

The full Sleeve Tattoo is portrayed as fantasy adventure in a dark world. The lonely hand is seeking help from a flying bird.

Vintage fantasy

A natural inspire sleeve tattoo features aquatic plants and animals, lion and guerrilla. On the background, the blue color makes the one look cool and unique.

Skull and lily

Lily is the symbol of compassion in Buddhism. On the other hand, skull represents vessel of the soul, or wisdom. So the meaningful full sleeve tattoo is nice choice to express their faith.

Lily Flower

Despite the flower theme, this tattoo looks unique for its burnt yellow color.
The whole circumference of the arms is inked with lily flowers, their leaves and shades.

Life and Death

Dragon, Koi and Peony Flower

Jesus Christ full sleeve tattoo

Jesus Christ

Christians and non-Christians agree character traits of Jesus Christ, compassionate, prayerful and humble. Therefore, the religious subject tattoo is popular by people who’d like to express their faith. This tattoo features depiction of Jesus’ portrait with shining halo. Further, the roses, angel and dove underneath serve to enhance the subject.

Bloody red roses

This tattoo looks like a glow of fire lighting over the arm with nonflammable chains and standing roses, which represents firm character.

Vintage city view

The black and white tattoo takes us back to the city of 19th century. On the top is a picture of cityscape, and then followed by the bridge and street view at night. The cab underneath is the most evocative of days that time.

Bible verse

Religious tattoos are always choices to express one’s faith. For example, this tattoo creates illusion that the Bible verses were carved in the flesh of the arm with shades and veins of wounds conspicuous and realistic.

Legendary tattoo design

The intricate sleeve tattoo depicts details of imaginary metaphors, such as a mysterious man with full-face helmet, an axe, chains and a sword, which evoke rich imaginations about the story.

Skull vampire

The spooky tattoos are alway sleeve tattoo ideas for men. For example, this full sleeve tattoo features frightful skulls with red blood over the arm.

Freaky wonderland

Elyse Arm finished

Peaceful Buddha

Buddha is always serene and peaceful no matter how much chaos the world becomes.

Woman, clock/compass, book and roses custom tattoo cover up

fall foliage sleeve tattoo

Fall foliage

Fantastic fall foliage splatted over the arm. The focus of near leaves is contrast to distant blurry, which creates perfect photographic effect. The deep Autumn leaves tattoo is a sign of transformation, a metaphor for rich experience of life.

War and child

Eminem song

New school tattoo sleeve

Music drums note micro tat

Jazz full sleeve tattoo

Tattoo design koi fish

Angel full sleeve tattoo

Cruelty sleeve tattoo

Dragon Koi fish

Religious theme

The Titan sleeve tattoo tribal black and white color makes it deep and masculine style

Tribal full sleeve tattoo

The Titan sleeve tattoo tribal black and white color makes it deep and masculine.

Colorful abstract

Sometimes there’s no need to use any objects for expression but just color and shapes. For example, the full arm tattoo is full colorful swirls without specific references.


Watercolor abstract


Japanese style

Alice in Wonderland

Carton inspired tattoos are loved by people who cherish their days of childhood. But White Rabbit is different here as we can see the words “Here All Mad” on the tattoo.

Go with the flow

The natural inspired tattoo features nature elements over the arm. On the top, the partial of a bird represents a large flock of birds flying over the jungle. On the back, is a staring eye rendered realistically. What is surprising is that the tattoo does not hide the meaning deep in the metaphors but uses four words explicitly covering the arm. One with this attitude does not attempt to exert pressure to others, but an easygoing man.

Lion and roses sleeve tattoo

Lion and roses

A virile lion face inked on the upper arm was depicted in great details, in which its hair looks messy. From its eyes, the lion looks plunged deep in its contemplation. On the bottom, two pieces of roses and cross unveil the meaning of tattoo.

Hummingbird and flower watercolor