100 Boat Tattoo Designs

Well, first of all boat tattoo designs can be funny and beautiful. If you look at our collection, in fact, you will find a combination of complicated drawings and colourful shapes. These are real masterpieces conceived and created by real artists. And talking about artists, if you decide to get your own boat tattoo, choose a good tattoo artist, someone you really trust. You will also need to be patient and remember: you will have a piece of art living on your skin!

Plus, boat tattoo designs can be the mirror of some our most hidden wishes. Have you ever stopped in the middle of the road, lost in a picture of a far-away land? Maybe it was an exotic paradise, an island in the middle of the ocean? Those who dream about crossing the ocean on a boat hide within themselves the spirit of the greatest adventurers. And what is an adventure if not the will to learn and discover something new?

The fact is that boats are truly a unique symbol of human curiosity. They are the material expression of the desire human feel to move beyond the known and into the unknown. For centuries boats have been the only bridge between us and the ocean, a terrifying, magical place where humans don’t belong. They are the key to enter a universe made of water and mystery.

Somehow, then, boat tattoo designs can be an original, artistic way to pay homage to human courage and curiosity, a way to connect with our subconscious will to explore, our desire to find new horizons beyond what we already know. Look at our pictures, find something you like, imagine yourself standing on your boat in the middle of the ocean: how does it feel? What do you smell? What do you see? Is there someone with you or you are alone with your courage?

It’s quite a journey, don’t you think?

Boat Tattoo

Why do people choose boats when it comes to tattoos?

Boat with portrait tattoo-54

Boat with portrait tattoo

Origami boat and balloon tattoo-90

Origami boat and balloon tattoo

Boat tattoo

Baot tattoo on leg

Boat sleeve tattoo

Painting style boat tattoo-74

Painting style boat tattoo

Watercolor boat calf tattoo-79

Watercolor boat calf tattoo

Watercolor boat half sleeve tattoo-48

Watercolor boat half sleeve tattoo

Watercolor boat side tattoo-57

Watercolor boat side tattoo

Watercolor boat sleeve tattoo-69

Watercolor boat sleeve tattoo

Watercolor boat tattoo-51

Watercolor boat tattoo

Watercolor boat tattoo-64

Watercolor boat tattoo

Watercolor boat with portrait tattoo for women-71

Watercolor boat with portrait tattoo for women

3D Boat tattoo-70

3D Boat tattoo

3D Boat with lighthouse half sleeve tattoo-61

3D Boat with lighthouse half sleeve tattoo

Baot side tattoo for men-92

Baot side tattoo for men

Boat and lighthouse full sleeve tattoo-96

Boat and lighthouse full sleeve tattoo

Boat and watch full sleeve tattoo-52

Boat and watch full sleeve tattoo

Boat back tattoo-56

Boat back tattoo

Boat calf tattoo for men-98

Boat calf tattoo for men

Boat finger tattoo-58

Boat finger tattoo

Boat forarm tattoo for girl-83

Boat forarm tattoo for girl

Boat forarm tattoo-77

Boat forarm tattoo

Boat forarm tattoo-93

Boat forarm tattoo

Boat full back tattoo-62

Boat full back tattoo

Boat full leeve tattoo for men-86

Boat full leeve tattoo for men

Boat leg tattoo-99

Boat leg tattoo

Boat side tattoo for man-67

Boat side tattoo for men

Boat side tattoo-65

Boat side tattoo

Boat sleeve tattoo for men-91

Boat sleeve tattoo for men

Boat sleeve tattoo-50

Boat sleeve tattoo

Boat sleeve tattoo-76

Boat sleeve tattoo

Boat tattoo41

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo43

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo44

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo46

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo47

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-49

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-55

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-59

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-60

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-66

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-72

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-75

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-80

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-82

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-84

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-88

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-89

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-94

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-95

Boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-97

Boat tattoo

Boat thigh tattoo for men-73

Boat thigh tattoo for men

Boat thigh tattoo42

Boat thigh tattoo

Boat thigh tattoo-63

Boat thigh tattoo

Boat with milk way stars tattoo-85

Boat with milk way stars tattoo

Boat with rose tattoo-78

Boat with rose tattoo

Boat wrist tattoo-45

Boat wrist tattoo

Colored boat full back tattoo-81

Colored boat full back tattoo

Cool colored boat tattoo-53

Colored boat tattoo

Cool colored boat tattoo-87

Cool colored boat tattoo

Boat tattoo-100

Boat tattoo

Boat with moon tattoo-68

Boat with moon tattoo

Boat Back Tattoo for Men

Boat High Tattoo for Girl

Ship tattoo on neck myke chambers

Gene Coffey sail Boat Tattoo

Boat chest Tattoo

Night sky tattoo and ship

The Star of India

Pirate ship

Tall Ships Skull Tattoo Black And Grey


boat by Niki Norberg

Fishing boat

Sailor Ghost ship tattoo

Boat and octopus tattoo

Ship Colour Tattoo

3D Boat Tattoo

Boat Back Tattoo

Boat Sleeve Tattoo

Boat and Flower Tattoo

Boat High Tattoo

Boat High Tattoo

Ship Tattoo

Boat tattoo

Ship In A Bottle, soooo much fun!

Boat Neck Tattoo

Boat Sleeve Tattoo

watercolor style boat tattoo

Watercolor Boat Tattoo

Boat Wrist Tattoo

Boat and Bird Tattoo

Pirate Boat Tattoo

Boat Tattoo on Hand

Cute Boat Tattoo

Boat Full Back Tattoo

Paper boat tattoo

life goes on days get brighter

3D Boat Tattoo

Boat Tattoo for Girl

Steering Tattoo

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One Comment

  1. Did the author of the text preceding the pictures do ANY research into tattoos? Ship- and sea-themed tattoos are popular because of the history and traditions of tattooing.

    William Dampher is responsible for re-introducing tattooing to the west after it was banned in Europe and lost popularity. A sailor and explorer of the South Seas, in 1691 he brought to London a heavily tattooed Polynesian named Prince Giolo (the “Painted Prince”).

    In the late 1700s, Captain Cook made several trips to the South Pacific. The people of London welcomed his stories and were anxious to see the art and artifacts he brought back. Returning form one of this trips, he brought a heavily tattooed Polynesian named Omai. He was a sensation in London. Soon, the upper- class were getting small tattoos in discreet places. For a short time tattooing became a fad.

    Chatham Square in New York City was a seaport and entertainment center at the turn of the century. Samuel O’Reilly came from Boston and set up shop there, taking on an apprentice named Charlie Wagner. After O’Reily’s death in 1908, Wagner opened a supply business with Lew Alberts. Alberts had trained as a wallpaper designer and he transferred those skills to the design of tattoos.

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