50 Creative Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross is shown in different forms and meanings in different cultures. One of the best-known cross forms is religious symbol of Christianity – crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is a symbol of the sacrifice. Today people love cross tattoos may not for the deep religious meaning.

Cross tattoo is often integrated with other additions such as rose, script, eagle, wings, to depict richer meanings – Hope, Life, Honor, Faith, etc. many of which is rendered in 3D style and inked in the center of the parts of the body, back, neck, arm and chest.

In this post, you will enjoy pictures of 50 creative cross tattoo designs for your tattoo ideas. Let us know if you have better pictures in the comment.

Celtic Rose

Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo


cross back

Power of Three

Rosary Cross and Praying Hands

Cross with girl tattoo

Stone Celtic cross

Wood Cross Tattoo

Winged Memorial

Cross Tattoo

Snake cross

Cross Tattoo

Dragon cross tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

Cross Black and Grey

Celtic Cross Tattoo Bre’s

Jesus cross black shade tattoo dublin ireland


Cross tattoo

Memorial Cross

Angel cross wings tattoo

Jesus Christ on Cross Tattoo Pictures

Cross Tattoo

today is a good day

Cross Tattoo

Chest Cross Tattoo

Stone cross

USMC – Cross and Draconic Wing

Wordy Cross

Cross on Back

Celtic cross

Celtic Cross

Cross tattoo on neck

Faith Cross Tattoo

Stone Cross Tattoo

Jesus on cross tattoo

Cross with wings

Zeus Cross

Wooden Cross

Celtic Cross

cross with angel wings

Large Cross and Script Tattoo

Cross Tattoo


Jesus on the cross tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker

james Danger Cross Praying Hands Tattoo

Cross with wings tattoo

Black and Grey Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo

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