100+ Awesome Examples of Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Abstract sleeve tattoo

Watercolor abstract sleeve tattoo


Japanese style

Alice in Wonderland

Carton inspired tattoos are loved by people who cherish their days of childhood. But White Rabbit is different here as we can see the words “Here All Mad” on the tattoo.

Go with the flow sleeve tattoo

The natural inspired tattoo features nature elements over the arm. On the top, the partial of a bird represents a large flock of birds flying over the jungle. On the back, is a staring eye rendered realistically. What is surprising is that the tattoo does not hide the meaning deep in the metaphors but uses four words explicitly covering the arm. One with this attitude does not attempt to exert pressure to others, but an easygoing man.

Lion and roses sleeve tattoo

Lion and roses sleeve tattoo

A virile lion face inked on the upper arm was depicted in great details, in which its hair looks messy. From its eyes, the lion looks plunged deep in its contemplation. On the bottom, two pieces of roses and cross unveil the meaning of tattoo.

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