50+ Cute Bow Nail Designs

When you are looking for inspirations on your nails, you will be amazed by the infinite ideas of nail art. The beautiful nails are indispensable ornaments for girls and women to attend party, appointment. Bow nail is such a design idea that has become popular in nail designs.

Bow is a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends, which is also known as ribbon. It is often used as one of elements to make nails look cute and fashionable. You will be obsessed with the lovely paintings on the small Canvas. It’s a detailed work with a steady hand, patience and inspiration.

When you decide to polish ribbon bow nails, remember different colors of ribbon represent particular meanings. For example, red ribbon signifies HIV/AIDS awareness, black ribbon is a sign of mourning for those lost in the 11 September attack. Gold ribbon is a sign of childhood cancer awareness. Yellow ribbon – bone cancer. White ribbon – a sign of lung-cancer awareness.

Pink Bow Nail Designs

Cute Bow Nail Designs




















































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