40 Intricate Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala Tattoo on back  and shoulder-3

Tattoo lovers are never tired of digging out the subjects for their next tattoo ideas. From religious symbols to meaningful flowers or animals, we have seen a lot of creative tattoo designs inspired by these elements. Mandala tattoos are such kind of symmetrical tattoos inspired by a ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular geometric pattern reminds people of balance, harmony and cosmic infinity.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, which means circle. Mandala Tattoos are often portrayed like circular flowers composed of petal like patterns symmetrically. Mandala Tattoos are favorite tattoo ideas for women. A mandala tattoo is more than a geometric shape. It often integrates with other symbolic elements, such as lotus, representing special meanings for wearers.

For its circular shape, the intricate mandala tattoos are often inked on the shoulder, back or arms. Mandala tattoos create mysterious imaginations for the wearers. Check out the roundup of the best pieces we have collected if you’d like to find inspiration.

Mandala Tattoo-9

Mandala inspired geometric tattoo for men, a signage of eternal love to his loved one

Mandala and Skull Tattoo for Man-27

An example of mandala symbol integrated in a maritime tattoo design. The skull, anchor and mandala symbols represents balance and safe voyage in the life.

Small mandala sleeve tattoo for women

mandala thigh tattoo for women

Mandala thigh tattoo-5

A beautiful mandala inspired thigh tattoo, a unique fashion statement for a girl.

Mandala Neck Tattoo-30

Mandala Tattoo-6

Mandala Tattoo-20

Mandala Tattoo on feet-24

Mandala thigh tattoo-16

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo-23

Mandala and Butterfly Tattoo-15

Mandala and Flower Tattoo-22

Mandala Back Tattoo for Woman-21

Mandala Back Tattoo-12

Mandala Forearm Tattoo-13

Mandala full sleeve tattoo-4

Mandala Full Sleeve Tattoo-8

Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo-7

Mandala Quarter Tattoo-18

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo-19

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo for man -17

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo-1

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo-28

Mandala Tattoo for Man-32

Mandala Tattoo on Hand-31

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Mandala Tattoo-10

Mandala Tattoo-11

Mandala Tattoo-14

Mandala Tattoo-25

Mandala Tattoo-26

Mandala Back Tattoo for Girl-29

mandala forearm tattoo

half mandala ear tattoo

Mandala thigh tattoo

Mandala back tattoo for women

Small mandala shoulder tattoo

Mandala sleeve tattoo for women

Mandala full sleeve tattoo


  1. These tattoos have special meanings that are mainly used by mainly the Christians. One of the main meanings of these tattoos is the wholeness. This is mainly symbolized by the circular shape of this tattoo. Other designs have special meanings from the symbols attached to them. For example, some of the tattoos could be used to represent truth and honesty. Some of these tattoos are used for religious purpose such as representation of the trinity and eternity. Flower tattoos are very common and are mainly used to mean the blossoming of life.

    The flower is mainly known for its blossoming nature and thus when used in these tattoos that mainly reflect life issues it can be used to show the blossoming of life. Mainly, these tattoos are common among those people who have spiritual beliefs that are very deep and thus meanings symbolized by these tattoos are mainly religious. However, the above are not the only symbolism of these tattoos. Someone can customize this type of tattoo to have different meaning from the one stated above.

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