25+ Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

As summer gradually draws to an end, the autumn is approaching. Farmers are ready to pick their fruits and vegetables. You are certain to feel the fall breeze blowing in the air. In the crimson and yellow fall season, what crafts can we do for kids to allow them to embrace the seasonal change?

The children started to go at school. They spend less time outdoors, both because of school obligations and because of cold weather, wind or rain. Now is the time to use their free moments to socialize and play with them. Skip the scattered toys or unwashed towels, dispose of the dish washing, and its not required to wash floor right now. Spend time with your kids while they are still small, while you have time for that. Because time passes quickly and tomorrow they will be adults who will not need your embrace or consolation. You will never again have the opportunity that you had today to spend with your children. You will have some new but you lost this today.

In our gallery we present some ideas on how to creatively spend the afternoon with your smallest family members. Draw together, make decorations from paper, collect chestnut and then paint them, laugh and joke with them. You will beautify yourself a day, but you will make it unforgettable for them. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for this. Warm your house and warm your soul by socializing with your loved ones. The moments you spend with your family do not have a price, and that love that you are exchanging then is the surest way to make good people from them.

Someone said, (I do not remember which famous thinker), that life is not measured by the number of breaths, but how many times we have been breathless. Think about that!

You do not have to be a great painter to draw and color with your children. Save those drawings and some very special dash and hang on the wall. it will mean to children.

Autumn Handprint Tree

In the autumn there are as many as you like the yellow leaves. Here’s how you can creatively use it.

Leaf Hedgehogs Craft

From decorative paper make interspersed decorations for the kitchen, fridge, badges for party in naightsuit…

Follow the instructions in the picture and make the hedgehogs from the thin cardboard or thicker color paper. Your little ones will be delighted.

Cute Hedgehog Paper Craft

By using the paper, glue and dirty leaves make interesting posters like this one on the photo.

Lolly Pop likes every child. Decorate lolly pops and surprise them when they arrive from school or decorate them together so that your child carry that to school and eat with friends.

make Lolly Pop Spiders

Autumn is a time of oak nuts and chestnut. Use those wonderful nature gifts for playing with your kids and making decorations from it.

Paint Acorns

Make these beautiful ornamental fruits that resemble on fruits from orange paper. You will not need much effort just a little bit will.

The cardboard provides many possibilities for use for decorative purposes.

Corks of wine bottles do not need to be thrown. Collect them and use it when you’re eating with your kids.

Wine Cork Pumpkin

You can use a thread and a balloon to make decorations like this in the picture, for new year decoration, decorative bowls …

Yarn Pumpkins Using Balloons

Making such a poster will surely entertain you as your youngest. Enjoy with them every single moment.

Contact Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree

Use leaves as templates for making pictures. Play with colors, temperaments, water colors, spray and create your small and great masterpiece…

Here’s another idea of how to use the autumn gifts to decorate lolly pops for your small gourmets.

Paint the white pumpkin with wax colors. Use for it hair drier. You will get cheap but effective decoration for your house.

DIY Fall Halloween Melted Crayon Pumpkin

There is no better way to wish autumn welcome than the little wreath you made yourself using a yellow leaf and twigs.

DIY Fall Wreath

Regardless of the weather conditions, don’t let the rainy days make your good mood smaller. Rejoice every new day. Every day is a new chance to make your dream come true.

Pine patches are very common decoration of many houses in autumn.

Cutting leaves or paper will, as usual, be most pleasing to children.

Let your children tie up the ends and you will hang them. Teamwork brings people closer together just like parents and children.

Pumpkins are a trademark of autumn. No matter because Halloween passed, use them still to decorate the garden and the interior.

Lacquer leaves and string it. Children will have fun and you may get some nice decoration.

Corn also comes in autumn. It can be interesting decoration material and, what is very important, long-lasting.

Very cheap candlesticks made with the help of ordinary jars, glue and leaves.

Cut templates from simple paper, put them on black paper and draw a background around them. For the Halloween, this will be great and everyone will surely be delighted. And, it does not take much effort.

Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Craft for Kids

If this autumn you make a party for your little ones and their friends decorate lolly pops like this. It’s easy, interesting, inexpensive and fast, and kids will be looking forward to what is most important.

Lolly Pop Ghosts

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