30 Artworks Inspired by Daft Punk

Daft Punk are an electronic dance duo formed by French producers Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in Paris in 1993. Their music is a fusion of electronic styles including techno, house and disco that has since been described as ‘French house’. The duo are protective of their physical identities and are usually depicted wearing masks or with their faces out of focus – this was initially through shyness, although the image of man-machines was in keeping with the electronic nature of their music. We present 30 artworks inspired by the influential duo.


robot rock

By Priscilla Tramontano

By Jonas Fleuraime

By Cash-89

By Tadeo Mendoza


By Priscilla Tramontano

By Jared Nickerson

daft punk love

By Kode


By Emiliano

daft punk for the brother

By Nell Fjölmóð

By yourlilmunchie

By Priscilla Tramontano


By Jackson Armstrong


By Kode

By Lee Davies

By Gianni Rossi

By Alex Di Giovanni


By Carlos Mayorga

By Reytime

daft punk head

By Victor B.S.

daft punk human

By Adrien Noterdaem

By kyzylhum

By Prop4g4nd4

By Dan-Solo

By Phishy

By Pavel Bartoš

By Lee Davies


By Mateja Petkovic

By Kuldar Leement

By Priscilla Tramontano

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  1. Thanks for the feature, It would have been cool to have my whole artwork featured though, all you put up was the Guy-Manuel half.

    Here’s the whole thing:

  2. You missed out Simon C Page – his is without doubt the best daft punk art there is:

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