30 Cute Ribbon Tattoos for Women

Ribbon is a symbol widely being adopted by many groups or organizations to invoke awareness of their causes. Different colors represent different causes, of which most are awareness of diseases, e.g. red for AIDS awareness. So ribbon tattoos may be connected with the same causes, especially for praying of family members.

Nowadays, ribbon Tattoo has become a popular tattoo idea for women, perhaps because of it’s feminine appeal and variety of placements it can be inked. It is making a fashion statement of femininity. In this post, please enjoy the beauty of 30 cute ribbon tattoos for women. Let us know which one you like the best in the comment.

Red Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo


Black Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

bows on legs

Ribbon Scissors Tattoo

bow tattoo


Red bow tattoo on forearm

Corset Tatt wip 6

Bow tattoo

Cute ribbon

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo



corset piercing tattoo

butt bows

Bow Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Beautiful Bow Tattoo On Ankle

hair bow?

Ribbon Tattoo

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