60 Awesome Neck Tattoos

Neck is one of most noticeable spot for tattoo. When I saw a tattoo inked on the neck or throat, a first question came to my mind – does it hurt? But most people seem don’t have the worry with neck tattoos. People love them because they look cool.

Nevertheless, it’s important to have a good plan when getting tattoos on the neck, just like getting tattoos on any part of the body. Because of its small area, I see most tattoos inked on the neck are cute small tattoos in terms of size, still you could find cool full neck tattoos which are for tatt addicts. In this post, I collected 50 awesome neck tattoos, which could hopefully spark your neck tattoo ideas.

Watercolor Ribbon Tattoo on neck

Ribbon tattoo on neck

Cat tattoo on neck

Font neck tattoo

Wing on neck

Red rose on neck

Infinite Love Tattoo on Neck for Women

Fox Tattoos on Neck

Feather tattoo on neck

Panther on neck


Tattoo on neck

Portrait neck tattoo

Rose neck tattoo

3D Portrait neck tattoo

Awesome mandala neck tattoo for women

Awesome mandala neck tattoo

Cool neck tattoo

Flower and butterfly neck tattoo

Flower neck tattoo for women

Flower neck tattoo


Mandala neck tattoo

Font Tattoo on neck

Ship healed on neck


Cross tattoo on neck


A passion called Harry Potter


Star tattoos on neck


Infinity neck tattoo

3D colorful realistic butterfly tattoo on neck


Small black and white rose tattoo on neck

Cute Bat Tattoos on Neck

Owl tattoo on neck


Rose on neck

Fox tattoo on neck

Name on neck

Tiger tattoo on neck

Cock on neck

Neck tat


Ship tattoo on neck in traditional style

Key tattoo on neck


Jesus Tattoo on neck


3D Spider Tattoo on Neck


Camera tattoo on back neck for girls

Owl Head Tattoo On Men Side Neck

Cool Neck Tattoo Ideas


Bird tattoo on neck


Hand and rose tattoo on neck


3D dragonfly tattoo on neck


Small Butterfly Tattoo on neck


Dreamcatcher Tattoo on neck


Tattoo on neck

Owl on the neck and a rose under it

Tattoo on the back


Eagle neck tattoo

Font Tattoo on neck


Snow white tattoo on neck


Maori Tattoo on neck


Butterfly neck tattoo


Skull neck tattoo

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