90 Solar System Tattoo Designs for your Celestial Love

Ever gazed up at the night sky and wished you could capture a slice of that infinite beauty? Solar system tattoos let you do just that. They’re more than ink; they’re personal observatories, stories of wonder and exploration etched in skin.

Why Go Galactic with Your Ink?

The solar system represents the very essence of our existence, a cosmic dance of planets, moons, and stars. These tattoos are for those who carry a piece of the universe in their hearts. They’re not just for astronomy buffs; they’re for anyone who wants to harness the boundless energy of the cosmos.

Your solar system tattoo is more than just a cool design. It’s a declaration of your place in the universe, a reminder of the vastness beyond our world and the mysteries that lie within it.

For the Dreamers

A solar system tattoo says you’re a dreamer, always looking up and beyond. It tells the world that you believe in the grandeur of what we can’t always see.

For the Scientists

For those in love with science, your tattoo celebrates the laws and phenomena that govern the cosmos. It’s an homage to knowledge, discovery, and the unending quest to understand our universe.

For the Spiritual

In a spiritual sense, a solar system tattoo is a talisman, a connection to the energies of planets and stars. It’s a way to keep the universe close, to draw on its ancient wisdom.

Designing Your Celestial Masterpiece

When it comes to solar system tattoo designs, the possibilities are as vast as the universe. Let’s dive into the stellar array of options available for those ready to wear the heavens on their sleeve.

Realistic solar system tattoos

For the purists out there, realistic solar system tattoos are a homage to the true beauty of space. These designs often feature detailed renditions of planets, complete with swirling storms on Jupiter or the rings of Saturn, rendered with such precision that they could be snapshots from a spacecraft.

An amazing spine tattoo with solar planets forming a straight line along the spine for women

Realistic Solar system tattoo

Realistic solar system bicep tattoo

A realistic tattoo producing 3D effect with sun and its planets on spine for women

Abstract tattoo with dots and circles like stars along the spine

Sometimes, less is more. Abstract designs using dots and circles can capture the essence of the solar system with a minimalist touch. Imagine a constellation of celestial bodies trailing down your spine – a subtle yet profound statement that aligns the cosmic with the human form.

Abstract tattoo with dots and circles like stars along the spine

Solar system and Aztec calendar tattoo

Solar system and Aztec calendar tattoo
Mixing astronomical motifs with ancient symbols, the solar system entwined with the Aztec calendar creates a design that’s rich with history and wonder. This design can be a nod to the sophisticated astronomy of the Aztecs, or a broader comment on the passage of time and the cycles of the cosmos.

Solar system with OM symbol tattoo

Solar system with OM symbol tattoo

Incorporating the sacred OM symbol into a solar system tattoo brings a sense of peace and spirituality. It’s for those who see the universe as a vast, interconnected web, where every celestial body moves in harmony with a universal vibration.

Solar system and moon phase tattoo

Solar system and moon phase tattoo

The moon’s phases represent change, transition, and the cyclical nature of life. Combine this with a solar system design, and you’ve got a tattoo that not just charts the heavens but also the ebb and flow of our own existence.

Solar system line work tattoos

Line work tattoos rely on clean, crisp lines to form the shapes of planets and orbits. It’s a modern, stylish take on the solar system that can range from simple to complex, depending on how many planetary paths you wish to include.

Solar system bold line work tattoo

Solar system line work forearm tattoo

Solar system outline tattoo on forearm

Half sun solar system line work tattoo

Watercolor Solar system tattoos

Watercolor tattoos bring a fluid, vibrant life to the solar system. They can capture the nebulous glow of planets or the bright explosion of a supernova. This style is for those who view space as a canvas of color and light.

Watercolor solar system outer forearm tattoo

Watercolor solar system tattoo on inner forearm

Watercolor solar system tattoo

Small watercolor solar system clavicle tattoo

Solar system tattoo watercolor

Watercolor solar system clavicle tattoo

Watercolor solar system forearm tattoo

Watercolor solar system inner forearm tattoo

Solar system inspired watercolor tattoo with splashing droplets like planets

Black and white solar system tattoos

Sometimes the most dramatic statement is made in black and white. These tattoos play with contrast and shading to bring out the textures and patterns of celestial bodies, creating a design that’s both timeless and striking.

Black and white planet tattoo on the rib

Space tattoo with planets on the back for women

Silhouette solar system tattoos

Silhouette tattoos capture the outlines of planets and stars against a dark backdrop, much like the view from a telescope on a clear night. They’re a more subtle take on the solar system, focusing on shape and form rather than detail.

Silhouette solar system wrist tattoo

Small silhouette solar system tattoo

Silhouette solar system tattoo on bicep

Small silhouette about solar planets and moon on the neck for women

silhouette solar system tattoo

Silhouette tattoo with planets in a straight line on wrist

Circular solar system tattoos

Circular tattoos mimic the orbits of planets and the shape of the cosmos. They can be a literal representation of the solar system or a more abstract design that suggests the endless loop of the universe.

Circular solar system back tattoo

Circular solar system tattoo above knee

Circular solar system tattoo on back

Circular solar system tattoo on upper arm

Small circular solar system tattoo

Circular Solar System forearm Tattoo

Sun and moon circular solar system tattoo

Sun and moon circular solar system tattoo

The sun and moon are often seen as opposites, representing day and night, light and dark, masculine and feminine. Circular solar system tattoos that highlight these two celestial bodies can symbolize balance and duality, a reminder that we all contain multitudes.

Solar system with astrological symbols

For those who look to the stars for guidance, combining the solar system with astrological symbols can be deeply personal. It’s a way to connect with the celestial forces that, according to belief, have a hand in shaping our lives and destinies.

Solar system with orbits and planets around

This is a tattoo ideas for those who have interest in astrology as per astrology, solar bodies have a strong influence on emotions, feelings and our lives.

Zodiac signs of solar planets inked on the forearm for men

Astronaut Solar System Tattoos

Imagine an astronaut tethered to the delicate blueprint of our solar system. This design captures the spirit of exploration and the eternal human yearning to discover what’s out there. The astronaut element adds a personal touch, a metaphor for the journey each of us takes through life, navigating through our own personal cosmos.

Colored astronaut solar system tattoo

Colorful astronaut solar system tattoo

Astronaut solar system tattoo on the side of thigh

Black and grey Astronaut solar system tattoo

Atom Solar System Tattoo

For those who love the intersection of science and art, atom solar system tattoos are a perfect blend. They juxtapose the orbits of electrons around a nucleus with the planetary orbits, suggesting that the same patterns that rule the tiny world of atoms also govern the vast dance of the planets. It’s a profound reminder of the unity of nature, from the smallest particles to the grandest celestial bodies.

Atom solar system tattoo

Colorful Solar System Tattoos

Why stick to a monochrome palette when you can have a tattoo that’s as colorful as the universe itself? Colorful solar system tattoos are for the bold, the ones who want to carry a piece of the cosmos’s vibrancy with them. These tattoos can feature the rich blues of Neptune, the fiery reds of Mars, and the golden hues of Saturn’s rings, all bursting with life and color.

Colorful solar system tattoo on calf

Colorful solar system tattoo forearm

Dotwork Solar System Tattoos

Dotwork is a technique that creates images from countless tiny dots. And it’s perfect for depicting the vast complexity of space. Dotwork solar system tattoos are like pointillist paintings; from a distance, they look smooth and seamless, but up close, you can see the meticulous craft that went into each planet and star. It’s a subtle and elegant choice, ideal for those who appreciate the finer details.

Dotwork solar system forearm tattoo

Dotwork solar system tattoo forearm

Circular solar system dotwork tattoo

Galaxy Solar System Tattoo

Galaxies are huge groups of stars that spin around each other. The beauty of their chaos can be mesmerizing. Galaxy solar system tattoos show how wild and chaotic space can be. Deep purples, blues, and blacks are often used together to make a background that makes the solar system stand out. That style is dramatic and mysterious, just what someone who feels drawn to the vast unknown of the world would want.

Galaxy solar system tattoo

Geometric Solar System Tattoos

It seems like geometric shapes bring some order to the natural chaos of the universe. Geometric Solar system tattoos feature crisp lines, perfect circles, and symmetrical layouts that reflect the mathematical beauty behind celestial movements. These tattoos can be minimalist or complex, but they always convey a sense of balance and harmony.

Geometric solar system tattoo

Sun and moon geometric solar system tattoo

Black and grey geometric solar system tattoo

Bold line Solar System tattoo

Half Sun Solar System Tattoos

The sun is the heart of our solar system, the source of warmth and light. Half sun solar system tattoos represent the duality of nature – the visible and the hidden, the known and the unknown. They often feature the sun in a split design, half illuminated and half in shadow, with the planets arrayed around it. This design can symbolize personal growth, enlightenment, and the balance between inner and outer selves.

Half sun solar system tattoo black and white

Half sun solar system forearm tattoo

Hand Holding Solar System Tattoos

There is something very poetic about the idea of having the solar system in your hand. It makes me think that the universe is close to us and that we have the power to understand and discover its mysteries. Hand holding solar system tattoos usually show a real hand with the planets resting on the tips of the fingers or in the palm. It’s a strong sign of power and safety, showing where people fit in the grand scheme of things.

Hand holding circular solar system tattoo

Hands holding solar system tattoo below elbow

Hands holding solar system tattoo

Skeleton hand holding solar system tattoo

A hand holding circular solar system tattoo

Hand and solar system tattoo

Minimalist Solar System Tattoos

In the world of tattoos, sometimes the simplest designs pack the biggest punch. Minimalist solar system tattoos are all about sleek lines, basic shapes, and an uncluttered look. Picture a single, delicate line tracing the orbits of planets across your wrist or a tiny solar system that fits snugly behind your ear. These tattoos are for those who appreciate subtlety and elegance in their interplanetary explorations.

Minimalist solar system tattoo black and grey

Minimalist solar system tattoo on ankle

Minimalist solar system forearm tattoo

Minimalist solar system tattoo above elbow

Solar System and Shooting Star Tattoos

Want to add a sprinkle of cosmic magic to your solar system tattoo? Throw a shooting star into the mix! The dynamic streak of a shooting star adds movement and a sense of wonder to the design, symbolizing good luck, change, or a moment of inspiration. It’s like wearing a personal, permanent shooting star that’s ready to grant wishes at a moment’s notice. Talk about carrying the universe’s blessings with you!

Solar System Henna Tattoos

Not ready to commit to a permanent tattoo? No worries! Solar system henna tattoos are a fantastic way to test the waters. Crafted from natural dyes, these temporary tattoos can last for weeks and give you the feel of the real deal. They’re perfect for special events or just for fun. Plus, you can experiment with different designs each time, from elaborate henna rings of Saturn to a full solar system spanning your back.

solar system henna tattoo on arm

Solar system henna tattoo on forearm

Solar system henna forearm tattoo

Solar System and Constellation Map Tattoos

For the starry-eyed navigators among us, solar system tattoos intertwined with constellation maps are a dream come true. These designs can be as detailed or as abstract as you like, mapping out your zodiac constellation alongside the planets, or even charting the stars as they were on a date that’s significant to you.

Solar system and constellation map tattoo

Sun and stars solar system and constellation map tattoo

Minimalist Solar System Tattoos

Minimalism is not just a style; it’s a statement. Minimalist solar system tattoos cater to those who seek elegance in simplicity. Envision a fine line of planets aligned in harmonious orbit along your forearm, or a discreet ring of celestial bodies encircling your ankle. These tattoos are a quiet nod to the grandeur of the universe, perfect for the individual who finds beauty in the understated.

Solar System and Shooting Star Tattoos

Combining the steady march of planets with the ephemeral streak of a shooting star creates a tattoo design that’s both grounded and whimsical. These pieces are dynamic, embodying the fleeting beauty of a wish made on a passing comet. It’s a design that speaks to dreamers, to those who look up and dare to make a silent plea to the universe.

Solar system and shooting star tattoo

Solar system and shooting star tattoo on ankle

Solar System Henna Tattoos, Celestial Themes

Not all tattoos are for forever, and solar system henna tattoos are the perfect example. These temporary treasures allow you to wear the solar system in a medium that’s as ancient as the stars themselves. Henna designs can be intricately detailed or charmingly simple, lasting for a few magical weeks. They’re a celebration, a trial run, or just a way to honor the heavens without the commitment.

Solar System and Constellation Map Tattoos

Mixing solar system imagery with constellation maps is like inking your own personal star chart. These tattoos are deeply personal, often reflecting one’s birth constellation or a snapshot of the heavens on a significant date. Whether it’s a sprawling back piece or a discreet design on the inner wrist, these tattoos are for those who seek to map their place in the universe.

Sun and Moon Solar System Tattoos

The sun and moon are the most basic signs of our solar system. They stand for the balance of light and dark, day and night, activity and rest. Sun and moon tattoos are a poetic nod to this duality, a reminder of the natural cycles that govern our existence. These designs can be rich with symbolism, perfect for those who see themselves as part of the larger celestial ballet.

Sun and moon solar system tattoo on outer forearm

Sun and moon solar system tattoo

Sun and moon solar system Tattoo on bicep

Blackwork Solar System Tattoo Forearm

Blackwork solar system tattoo forearm

Blackwork is about bold contrasts and powerful imagery, and when applied to solar system designs, the result is truly striking. Imagine a forearm sleeve where planets orbit in stark black ink against your skin’s natural hue. These tattoos are for the bold, for those who want to make a statement that’s as clear as the night sky.

Mandala Solar System Tattoo

Mandala solar system tattoo

Mandala tattoos are rich with spiritual significance, often representing the universe itself. Blend this with solar system elements, and you’ve got a tattoo that’s not just visually stunning, but also deeply meaningful. A mandala solar system tattoo is a meditation, a sacred geometry that captures the orderly chaos of space.

Placement ideas

When it comes to inking your skin with the wonders of the cosmos, location is everything. Where you place your solar system tattoo can enhance its beauty and impact. Let’s discover the prime real estate for your design.

Shoulder tattoo

The shoulder is a prime spot for showcasing your solar system. It’s a broad and flat area, providing an excellent canvas for a detailed and expansive design. Whether you’re wearing a tank top or a dress, a shoulder tattoo peeks out just enough to intrigue and invites questions. It’s like carrying a secret of the universe on your shoulder—intriguing to those who catch a glimpse.

Colorful solar system shoulder tattoo

solar system tattoo from shoulder to arm

Forearm tattoo

The forearm is a classic choice for a tattoo you want to see and enjoy every day. It’s also perfect for a solar system design that can be as simple or as complex as you like. With each twist of your arm, you can see the planets rotate, bringing a dynamic element to your tattoo. Plus, it’s easy to share your solar story with others, simply by rolling up your sleeve.

Forearm tattoo with solar planets forming a straight line

 Back tattoos

Your back is the largest canvas you have, making it ideal for an expansive solar system scene. This placement allows for a high level of detail and can accommodate every planet, asteroid, and even a few comets. A back tattoo remains hidden under clothing, but when revealed, it’s a breathtaking display of your personal universe.

A full back tattoo with an instrument simulating planets

 solar system tattoo on upper back

black and white solar system back tattoo

Colored full back tattoo with celestial bodies, Buddha and scientist

Thigh tattoos

Thigh tattoos are perfect for larger designs that require a bit more room to breathe. A solar system tattoo here can wrap around your leg, giving the feeling of planets in orbit. It’s also a more intimate placement, usually shared with a select few, making your solar system tattoo all the more special and personal.

 solar system thigh tattoo

Black and white solar system thigh tattoo

Solar system with circular orbits tattoo on thigh


An arm tattoo is versatile and highly visible, making it a popular choice for a solar system design. From a delicate solar system bracelet to a full sleeve that tells a story from the sun to Pluto, your arm is an excellent place to portray the beauty of our cosmic neighborhood. Plus, it’s one of the more traditional spots for a tattoo, making it a timeless choice.

 solar system arm tattoo

Rib cage

The rib cage is a unique spot for a tattoo, offering an elongated space that’s perfect for a vertical solar system design. As you breathe, it’s as if the planets themselves are dancing with each breath you take, adding a living element to your tattoo. This placement is also more private, allowing you to share your cosmic ink at your discretion.

 solar system tattoo on rib cage

Solar system spine tattoos

The spine is a striking location for a solar system tattoo. Each vertebra can serve as a pedestal for a planet, creating a linear representation of the solar system that runs down your back. It’s a powerful and central location, carrying your solar system with a dignified elegance

 Spine sun face solar system tattoo

Colorful Spine solar system tattoo

Solar System spine tattoo black and grey

Black and white solar system spine tattoo

 Spine solar system tattoo


The foot is a playful and creative spot for a solar system tattoo. It’s as if you’re walking through the universe, with each step you take grounded in the stars. A solar system tattoo here can be a subtle nod to your love of space, peeking out from your shoes like a personal secret shared with the ground you walk on.

 solar system tattoo

 Wrist tattoos

Wrist tattoos are small, subtle, and sweet. A solar system tattoo on the wrist can be a small circle of planets, a simple line of orbital paths, or a tiny sun with rays reaching out. It’s a placement that allows for frequent viewing, a constant reminder of the vast universe that surrounds us.

Small Solar System Wrist Tattoo

The Conclusion

A solar system tattoo is more than just an artistic choice; it’s a commitment to carrying a piece of the cosmos with you. It’s a conversation starter, a personal symbol, and perhaps a source of inspiration and wonder. When crafted with care, it’s a masterpiece that has the power to remind us of our tiny place in this vast universe and the beauty of all that surrounds us.

So when you decide to make the leap into inking your skin with the solar system, do it with intention. Find the right artist, the perfect placement, and the design that speaks to your soul. This is your chance to wear the universe and show the world that within you, there’s a space as deep and as magical as the night sky itself.

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