30 Fun and Creative Things to Do When Bored

Boredom innately may strike anybody at any given time of day. This is occurring perhaps because of the monotonous routine a person does in the workplace, in school and most especially at home. Even if how immeasurably you love the way you work or perform things, the daily and regular recurrence of this event can absolutely make you bored beyond your senses. Sometimes switching on your music player to listen over to your favorite songs or drinking a cup of coffee or two is not enough to doze off the boring day away. And if boredom is not treated very well and effectively, can lead to a person’s loss of interest and can promote a very unprogressive day. So you may start to wonder and ask for help on what to do when bored?


Whether you are an office worker, a student, a stay-at-home mom or somebody else looking to distract this boredom thing, you simply need a perfect diversion to spark up the glitch in your mind and refrain from feeling bored again. This is absolutely why there are endless and various ideas for creative things to do when boredom hunts you down. All you need is to tune up your eager and talented aura and let your imagination take you away without limits. So, the next time you start to feel that boring idea, don’t let lousiness win the game and bring you to your bedroom or slouch on your workplace. Try to consider these extremely creative stuffs to keep your day going with extreme excitement and you will completely say goodbye to boredom for good.

pebbles DIY

Bring these pebbles to life. If you spend the whole day indoor doing repeated household tasks, probably you needed to go outside and breathe fresh air at the same time collect as many pebbles as possible and bring out the art in you.



Create your LEGO WONDERLAND. If you are an avid fan of LEGO, then boredom killer is just within reach. And if things started to screw you up, call out the kids and make the most out of your day bonding with them. It’s quality family time after all.


Collage your boring day away. If you are a regular magazine subscriber, then you have enough resources to battle against the boring days. Whether amateur or pro, imagination is the limit and you’re out to have your own masterpiece.

bracelet diy

Beads power! Women probably are the most prone to feel boredom too easily. But ladies, don’t fret, for you can absolutely do a lot of stuffs from inside your closets to give yourself a diversion. Take out all your old beaded bracelets and redesign it to gain more stylish power.


Stuff all the memories inside. This boredom killer has to do well with moms at home. If your daily household routine is bringing you down, sparkle up by gathering together all memorable photos and make them into a very creative photo scrapbook.

needle art

Try something out of the ordinary. There are immeasurable ways to chase the boredom away, and this one called needle artwork is something worth trying for. This is an extremely new and exciting endeavor to keep your interest intact.


Keep them framed and posted. Before throwing your empty toilet paper rolls, think again, it might save you from a boring day. Yes, a hard day’s work is so tiresome and boring, yet, surprise oneself with these awesome picture frames made of toilet paper rolls. You can even do it yourself when boredom strikes you.

lampshade disposable cups

Lampshade with an elegant twist! If boredom is daunting you, why not leave away what you’re doing and start making your bedroom a perfect ambiance for sleep with this affordable lampshade made of disposable cups and you can totally do it yourself.

decoupage dresser

Lively up that cabinet. If your furniture and fixtures at home is an added value as to why you get that boring feeling, then it’s not about time to throw them away and buy for new ones. Instead, you can lively up them yourself by designing and pasting with colorful clothes or art papers. Not only you have saved money, you also saved the boring day ahead.

Washi Tape Bottles

Tape that boredom in place. This could be a time consuming and difficult stuff to do to escape from a boring day, but guides on how to create this is readily available in the internet all you need to do is research. This is also the best diversion to kill a boring time.

cute baby balloon

Let’s go fiesta! If the unchanging ambiance of your office or working area is causing you to have a boring day, why not infuse that festive mood in your cubicle and flood your floor with dozens of balloons. Just be careful you can’t distract your officemates.


All you need is a perfect getaway. If it’s extremely a boring day that you have, therefore, you need an awesome weekend getaway to a beach. Apart from the cold sea breeze and fresh air, you can also turn away from boredom by creating sandcastles of your own version.

Revamp old shoes

shoes deco

Kick off those funky shoes! Boredom comes so naturally, so you must deal with it calmly. If you feel like losing interest with what you’re doing, stop for a moment and think of creative things you can make out of your boring time. Instead of throwing yourself in the comfort of your bed, why not pull out some old shoes and redecorate it to make it looking new.

homemade soap

Homemade soap goodness! I am pretty sure this isn’t the type of hobby you like to engage in, but trying out something out of the ordinary can keep you excited and busy so you worry less the boredom because you have come to enjoy, discover and learn something new for yourself. Various guidelines in making homemade soaps are readily available in the internet.

sketching DIY

Let your fingers do the anti-boredom job. Lots of people are trying to seek anywhere and especially in the internet for various ways on how to entertain themselves, whenever boredom arrives. They didn’t know the answers actually rely in their selves, whether you are expert in polishing, sketching skill or not you can always try this out every time you feel like boredom is running in your nerves. This is free of charge and you can do it freestyle.

chandelier made of plastic bottles and disposable spoons

Chandelier for a change! Just when you thought that disposable spoons are for one time use only, well, you wait ‘til you see the wonder of this chandelier made of plastic bottles and disposable spoons. Apart from its creative style, it can also be made all by yourself every time you think about alternative for the certain routine that’s boring your day out.


Make your own fashion statement. Designing clothes need not require a certified stylist. You can do it yourself every time you think about what to do when bored. Don’t call for a tailor to reinvent your dump old shirts and clothes, you can do it yourself. Imagination and self expression is the limit.

Cute Cat Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Eat in healthy and stylish way. When you’re feeling bored, just rush to your kitchen and there you can find a lot of possible ways to entertain your boredom. One of these is fruit or vegetable sculpting and there are endless ways how to make them look more delicious and full of art.


Paperclips can save your boring day. They come in various and flamboyant colors so it becomes more exciting and fun to make this creative stuff every time you want to ward off the boring sensation in your system.

Shoebox for electrical cords

Shoebox that does magic! If electrical cords that are intertwining with each other and going in any direction make up a messy room, then it’s about time to tidy up this mess. Whenever you found yourself caught in a boring situation, why not create those empty shoeboxes into cords organizer. This way it can hide the electrical outlet and makes it look clean and presentable.

Magazine stands DIY

Magazine stands on a boring day. If you are regular subscriber of various magazine publications, then you probably have several magazines scattered in your coffee table. To keep them organize, you can create magazine stands during those days when you are bored but you don’t want to be unproductive.

summer outfits

Dress up for the occasion. Summer is yet to come, but you can start thinking of designing unique summer outfits to make yourself worthy whenever you felt like boredom is on its way to lure you. The most popular design to incorporate the season is the geometrical patterns design and you’re ready to flaunt stylishly under the sun.
Give that bottle a twist. If you are becoming bored, think of giving a little flavor to your kitchen or dining area by decorating empty wine bottles with a sense of style. Arts and crafts materials are readily sold in stores so all you need is the creative mind to do all the styling and designing.

Owl Large Paper Clips

Let the paperclips do the acting. Whether you are at home, in the office or at school boredom can strike you unexpectedly. So to ease this boredom, always make paperclips come in handy. Even if you are a writer or not, you can always do this trick on your paperclips. You can make comic skit by getting the paperclips to do the act. And voila! You’re all set for a show.

butterfly wreath wall deco

A simple décor to rock your wall! If you are trashing out old books, make some alternatives to make them useful during those days when boredom strikes and you simply need a boost. To kill that boring moment, make this creative wall décor out of the pages of your old books.

Paperclip bugs

Transformers in paperclip version! Sometimes the long day in the office can make you boring. Ditch that boredom away by gathering all clips available and turn them into your favorite robots or any design that comes to mind.


It’s a girl thing! Girls, girls, girls, if you are tired and bored, why not stir up that inner spirit by switching on to a new hobby such as nail art painting. This can be daunting but entertaining enough to forget about the boring and tiresome day.

Towel Origami - elephant

The art of towel origami! You can ease up boredom by only doing simple things such as towel origami. If you are new to this stuff, you can search through the internet for tutorials. This can be a new hobby to chase boredom away and at the same time give your bathroom an exciting and artistic appeal.


boos building

Create your rock tower. If life gets boring, then take a walk outside and appreciate the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. If you may, you can soothe the boring day by gathering rocks of various artistic and rare designs and start stacking them to create your signature architecture. You can also make use of books if you don’t prefer to go outside.

butterfly money origami

Start learning the art of moneygami! Who says you can only play with your money in a poker or in casinos? Not anymore, because with the art of moneygami, you can now play with your money at any time of day especially when boredom comes along the way.

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  1. Where can I find the geometric design dress you have featured in this article….I love the dress and the ideas for boredom!

  2. The cat one is a waste of food and the money one is a waste of money

    • it is not a waste of food if you eat it and it is not a waste of money if you can unfold it and still use it

  3. I am a 13 year old and i loved trying out every single one of these ideas. I especially loved making a scrapbook/memory box full of all my photos and great memories! Thank you so much for making this website, it has helped lift my spirits so much!

  4. Amazing , All ideas are great.The best section is about the elephant.Ihave created similar post about Creative Things To Do At Home

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