35 Easy Prom Hair Styles

Cold winter days are largely our everyday life. Probably all enjoy the snowflakes. And this cold winter air and the snow are good because it will prevent the spread of the viruses. And when you get home … Cup of hot coffee, milk or tea is there to warm you up … Doesn’t it sound very like a real winter idyll?

Although the weather is cold and we dress in layers (what exactly we do not like very much), it isn’t the reason that we do not always be well dressed. Beautiful and tidy wardrobe, comfortable boots, warm coat … That’s what all the women take care about during the winter. If our hair is not nicely done and cared, other details as our coat, dress or something else aren’t important. For a good hairstyle is not necessarily every week, or twice a week to go to the hairdresser. Be sure to go on regular shortening of the hair with the easy prom hair styles so it doesn’t have ragged and cracked edges, and a hairstyle – that you can make it alone in your home. There are a lot of haircuts that are perfect for almost any occasion, which you can make to yourself or with the help of friend, quickly and easily without huge effort.

Hair care is very important in cold winter days!

In the winter months it is important to properly care your hair so it will be healthy and strong. Do not bend the hairdressers, go to them at least once in a month and a half to cut damaged edges. In cold winter, dry air in our homes or at work, and the low temperature outside make the hair becomes brittle and can start easily to tangle. Important rule in hair care is that you never wash it with hot but lukewarm water because hot water dries out your hair and skin. Do not wash your hair every day because it dries hair more. Daily hair washing removes superfluous oil from the skin of the head, and hair becomes more dry. Before exit out dry the hair with hairdryer because wet hair is more prone to breaking. Although hair dryer also damages hair it would be the best to wash hair day before or the night before going out and leave it naturally dries. So you will reduce using a fan to a minimum.

Because in the winter hair is dry it is important that at every wash hair use conditioner. Also do not forget to put the hair mask at least once a week or every two weeks. Masks for hair you can make in your kitchen. On the internet there are many recipes for a mask that you can make yourself. I like the most a mask which is made very easily. I mash the smaller avocado and mix with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. Allow the pieces to act for about 30 minutes and than wash hair. Homemade recipes often give the best results so do not be afraid to try them. Only olive oil when you apply to the hair and hold for about twenty minutes will mean a lot. After that, of course wash hair with shampoo.

In the gallery below there are lot of examples for easy prom hair styles that are trendy this season, and I hope you will find proper haircut for you!


Simple hairstyles that you can wear during the day, combined with an elegant dress can look very seductive.



Very practical and beautiful hairstyle. The hair is collected and during cold windy day wind won’t knot it, and you’ll look beautiful and seductive.



Interest braid decorated with bruises. Maybe you’ll need for this hairstyle the help of friend or hairdresser.



Easily bun that you can take on a coffee with a friend or in shopping. People say that women who love to raise the hair and discover their neck true seductress…



Relaxed braid with thinner braid over larger. This hairstyle I would fit in some casual wardrobe.



This hairstyle reminds me on Helen of Troy. Leisurely hairstyle that can easily be incorporated and with elegant clothes for going out.



People acquire a first impression of us based on our first occurrence. It is therefore important that our hair always be arranged. Bun you no longer have to carry only on the ceremonies, it can be worn every day with different outfits. Bun can make you a true lady with style.



This braid you can make by yourself. As for hair color, hair shaded like this with large excrescence is my favorite and is very modern, I must admit.



This type of bun are very sexy, but at the same time are not attacked but very beautiful. With this bun you will be real seductress.



Long straight hair is always in fashion and to stop to look bored you can fresh up it with some nice braid or effective hairpins.


Very elegant haircut. With some like this you will for sure be noticed.



All women want to have beautiful and long hair and love when they grow quickly. There are a lot of recipes for faster growth of hair on internet, you just need to find right for you.



This hairstyle looks very casual and relaxed but need the knowledge to be made. If you combine it with adequate wardrobe you can take it at every event.



There is a belief that hair should shampoo twice. This is a myth. The second shampooing can lead to damaging hair because it damages the protective hydro-lipid layer of hair.



When you dry hair with towel, do it by patting, not rubbing coarse hair that leads to electricity and damages the protective layers of the hair.



Every strong binding the hair can cause damage, especially in places where the most is dragging. Hair may begin to decline. Therefore, it is not good to every day be attached.



This prom hair styles is right art work and rose made of hair gives her a dose of sophistication.



If you want that your hair grow more cut it once in three months, but if you only maintain length then cut it once in a month and a half or two months.



Long hair makes a woman feminine and seductive. It is always in fashion, and can be worn by all, only forms should be harmonized with age and color should be modern.


Long hair with wrapped ends look very sensual and seductive.



Another optional hairstyle in combination with a naked back is for the lady who wants to be a star of the evening.


Braids for a couple of seasons are very popular. For me the most interesting are those on the one side. This trend was accepted by Rihanna, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba … Ladies are often choose this simple prom hair styles because it is easily made and more interesting than the tied in a plain ponytail.



For some time a very popular color of hair is gray. Ladies largely paint their hair in this shade and publish their pictures on Instagram, blogs and social networks.



If you wish to be a brunette you can not go wrong. Choose a good hairdresser who will choose the right shade for your ten and eye color. There are a whole range of colors for brunettes. So that, we have sandy brown, caramel brown, honey brown, smoky brown… Pick your best shade!



The long brown wavy prom hair styles tied in a ponytail can be nicely combined even with an elegant outfit. White color of wardrobe fits perfectly to dark skinned girls!



People say that blondes have more fun. Is it truth or myth? I do not know, but if you want to have a beautiful blond hair you need to nurture it properly and regularly go to the hairdresser. Use lightweight preparations which contains nutrients.



This is the ideal hairstyle for young and bold seductress. You need to have courage to take these different shades!



Young rebel will with courage wear this hairstyle and color of hair.



Decorate your bun beautifully with soft and sensitive but still effective hairpin like this one in the picture.



Another braid on the side of the head which lowers slowly. Isn’t too tight and looks very casual and youthful.



If you have not already started using the natural oils that will nourish the hair, begin as soon as possible. Coconut oil is a road recommendations of professional hairdressers. Apply coconut oil on your hair, hold as long as possible and then wash hair with water and shampoo. Coconut oil nourishes the hair so that your hair will be stronger and brighter.


When you are in hurry because you’re late for work or college just make this quick bun and you will have nice prom hair styles all day.


This is an elegant hairstyle that you could even in your own wedding to wear!



Beautiful bun for business woman, a student, housewife, for home variant or going out in the town. For every occasion …



These hairstyles are proof that long hair does not have to be boring. On the contrary, they can be very seductive.



Select one of these hairstyles and enjoy. You will not make mistake for sure.


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