55 Seasonal Fall Nail Art Designs

The beauty of nail art design is that you can match it with whatever season there is at the present. You can find an array of nail art themes from winter, spring, summer and fall. Seasonal nail art is very easy to recreate and change again and again. It’s perfect for the ever changing moods of ladies who want to rock just about every theme they feel like painting.

For this season, we’re featuring the fall nail art design collection. The beauty about the fall season is that it’s the most laid back among all. Fall nails remind us of the season when we start to feel the chilly winter with cold air and seeing the final phases of summer at the same time. It’s a rather homey yet calming atmosphere. Among the popular fall pictures that indicates that season is starting is the falling of the leaves.

Creating Fall Nail Art Design with marble effect

If you want to start painting Fall nail art designs you might want to begin with the colorful Fall leaves.

    What you would need:

  • A base polish
  • A yellow nail polish
  • A dark red nail polish
  • A black nail polish
  • Q tips or a dab of cotton attached to a thin stick
  • Plastic sheets that have been crumpled
  • Nail polish remover

The marble

Start by coating your nails with your base coat. Make sure that the base coat is completely dry before adding the other layers above it. When you are sure of the dryness, take the yellow polish and apply a double coat on top of the base coat. Do the same as the base polish and let the yellow polish dry.

When you are sure that the yellow polish is dry proceed to add a thin single coat of the red polish on top. If possible, do this with only a single swipe as to avoid thick and double coating. Let the red polish dry; this will take a lesser amount of time because of the single coat.

Take your crumpled plastic and gently pat it on top of the nails. You will begin to notice that parts of the nail polish come off as you take the plastic away. You should not worry since this is what makes it look like a marbled effect.

A word of caution though, you should control your force lest removing too much of the nail polish which will likely give you undesirable results. If you don’t like the idea of repeating the process from the top then you should always take a careful step. If you are a beginner t this type of style then it is okay to make a few first tries. Try the marbled effect first on a sample polish or you can ask your friends to be your assistants and try the effect on their nail polishes.

Use the Q tip or cotton swab to wipe away any excess polish on the side of the nails. This helps the nail polish look clean and professional.

If you make a simple mistake and would not want to redo everything, you can always apply the thin layer of red coat again and apply the crumpled plastic on it. Make sure you use a new type of plastic each time as not to destroy the color.

Just to be sure, proceed with creating the effect one nail at a time. You don’t want to rush the results especially when you don’t have much practice yet. If you have done everything right you will begin to see that the results are simply astounding.

The leaves

When you have mastered the art of marbling it’s time to paint on the leaves. You can use a yellow or black polish for this detail. The leaves would depend on your styles and creativity. For starters try painting single wide leaf on each of the nails. This will not only practice you on creating great details but it will also showcase the beauty of the leaves one by one.

If you like the silhouette effect then you can use the black polish to paint small falling leaves against the background. This style also gives out a dramatic effect. You don’t have to worry about running out of ideas since there are plenty of references that you can base from online. Try to check out nail blogs and tutorials for the latest fall nail art designs.

fall nail-9

A wonderful combination of matte royal blue and nude polish will fresh Fall flowers atop a matte white base.

fall nail-17

A very cozy and homey fall nail art design featuring aquamarine and white matte polish topped with simple leopard prints.

fall nail

Elegant fall nail-40

Simple yet classic French tip of nude and silver polish finished with a silver fall flower on top.

Fall Nail 1

Fall nail

fall nail-8

Fall leaves on a matte bronze nail polish sprinkled by silver dust on the tips.

fall nail

fall nail

fall nail-11

A beautiful fall inspired nail art design using matte, nude, melon and gold polish with gold sparkles on top.

Trees during Autumn

Trees during Autumn

Cute fall nails-46

A fun looking fall inspired nail art with blue, red and white color combination.

fall nail art-43

A very edgy fall nail art design in matte nude, midnight blue with silver dust on top as well as beads and a flower detail.

Elegant fall nail-22

Combining nude and violet polish painted with fall flower details and gold beads added on top.

Leaves fall nail art ideas-21

Add creativity to your nails with this multi colored leaf themed fall nail art design.

fall nail art-20

Sparkly nail art design perfect for the fall season with a white matte background and cool colored crystal balls in glitter polish.

Elegant fall nail-45

Paint silhouette fall flowers on your nails using a black polish for details and white as base color; add black sequins for effect.

Blue nail for fall-28

Feel the flower power with this blue and silver themed fall nail art design complete with silver beads and silver glitter polish.

dots fall nail-49

Check out this simple yet awesome looking olive, white and green ensemble of matte and polka dot designs.

fall nail-3

A wonderful French tip consisting of tree branches and falling leaves perfect for the fall season.

cute fall nail-27

Check out this cute and cuddly nail art design in white, baby blue, baby pink and baby yellow polish with hints of flowers, polka dots and horizontal lines as details.

fall nail-10

Amazing looking bronze and white gradient that looks absolutely stunning.

fall nail-15

Take the stars in your hand with this royal blue and gold French tip with shooting star details on top.

fall nail-12

A cozy looking fall leaf painted on a marbled gradient themed background.

fall nail-14

Amazing detail on the flowers amidst the clean and classic matte sky blue nails in contrast with the midnight blue background.

fall nail-13

A fun looking depiction of falling leaves atop a white base polish with added multi colored glitter on top.

fall nail-16

Amazing looking French tip in melon and white polish detailed with leopard prints.

fall nail-18

Awesome looking nails in black and silver dust on top lined with a mint green polish at the edge of the nails.

Gold and Silver Chevron Nail Tutorial-51

A modern themed nail art inspired by silver and gold dust polishes arranged in V formation.

fall nail art-23

A simple yet beautiful nude matte polish topped with silver beads and silver sparkles.

Anchor fall nail art-38

Anchors away with this blue, white, sky blue and baby pink ensemble with amazing silver polish details added on top.

fall nail art-25

Elegant looking French tip in matte nude base and silver dust for the tips.

Elegant fall nail-43

Tribal inspired nail art in black and thistle polish combined with silver dust and beads for a more mystifying effect

fall nail-5

Breathtaking fall themed nail art design in brown, orange, white and black polish plus orange silver dust for effect.

Generous fall nail-26

If you want simple yet classy nails then this design is perfect for you, matte nude and gold sparkle nails are the way to go.

fall nail art-35

Adorably cute neon green nail art in polka dot, French tip and cross designs topped with silver beads.

fall nail-29

An electric blue leaf themed nail art design in contrast to the calm nude background suitable for a fall inspired nail polish.

fall nail-42

A quirky fall inspired nail art design filled with multi colored flowers in addition to the calm royal blue matte colors topped with silver beads.

fall nail art-37

A nude and orange nail polish combination with gold beads on top and flower details to complete the look.

Cute fall nail-41

Flower themed fall nail art design in blue gray, white and yellow polish arranged as flowers, mini polka dots and alternating horizontal line colors.

fall nail art ideas-39

A very seductive looking nail art design in striking black, gray and gold details, with gold dust and a huge gray flower detail adorned with a gold bead.

fall nail art-32

Cute tribal inspired nail art in melon, green, white and black nail polish.

fall nail art-44

Green and white nail polish combination with silver aluminum lines, silver dust and green beads added on top.

fall nail art-50

Beautiful lace themed nail art in white, periwinkle and baby pink color combination.

fall nail art ideas-53

Minimalist tribal themed nail art in periwinkle, melon and sea green combination.


A violet matte polish adorned with multi colored dust as French tips.

Generous fall nail-55

A rather ravishing nail art design in midnight blue background and gold dust on top.

fall nail art ideas-52

Pretty looking nail art in black matte, silver dust with criss-cross details in black polish.

fall nail art ideas-19

A very vintage looking nail art in sepia background with gold and black polish details depicting polka dots, bold lines and flowers.

fall nail art ideas-54

A total violet take over with white and black details plus silver beads added on top.

fall nail-31

Classic zigzag, horizontal and vertical line nail art design in nude and black polish with silver beads for added effect.

Fall nail art-36

Check out this amazing black, nude and gold painted nail art design that is both elegant and classy.

Purple feather nail for fall-33

Purple polish background with feather like details on top in black polish and multi colored beads on top.

Lavender and Chevron nails-48

A cute periwinkle and white color combination with silver dust for matte and details.

Olive has never looked so classy in this matte and polka dot inspired nail art design

Olive has never looked so classy in this matte and polka dot inspired nail art design.

fall nail-2

A nail art design in blue matte polish adorned with silver dust on top cut out in various shapes.

fall nail-4

Amazing looking fall tree nail art in multi colored leaves on top of a white background

fall nail-6

Flaunt your pretty short nails with this neon green and gold dust themed nail art design.

fall nail-7

A wonderful looking fall tree nail art design using clear background, black polish for the tree and orange sequins for the leaves.

fall nail art-34

Minimalist tribal themed nail art in clear polish and black details,

fall nail art-47

Glamorous bronze, gold and olive matte nails in sparkles adorned with fall leaves and flowers.

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