45 Chevron Nail Art Ideas

So your normal nails could get boring. Yes, they do protect our fingers and toes from foreign objects, but it does get boring especially when you needed to attend parties or special events. It has now been a normal thing to let our nails (both on fingers and toes) be part of our outfit. We paint our nails with different colors and designs that suit our clothes and the event. Sometimes, polished nails doesn’t even need an event. If we feel like it, we paint it.

And since it has become a norm, a lot of designs have gone out for our nails. Those simple colored nail polishes? Still widely used and has since evolved to a wide array of colors and styles (matte, glitters, metallic, etc.) but a lot of women are now into taking nail polish to another level by creating different designs for nail art. Yep, our nails have now become a canvass.

From simple lines and stripes nails to intricate pictures, the possibility of nail art designs is endless. Some go for abstract designs while others take inspiration from pop culture and literature. It has now become a way for women when it comes to expressing their mood and their passion for fashion.

Now Comes Chevron

One of the best designs these year would have to be the Chevron nail art design. It had been around for quite some time but lately it seems to be everywhere and getting it’s bigger than ever comeback. So it’s no doubt more and more ladies would want a Chevron nail art one of these days.

However, what is this Chevron nail art? Chevron is a V-shaped pattern. It’s an ordinary sign for heraldry before but now it has become a pattern for a lot of things especially with art. And since nail art is a form of art, Chevron is one of the most common and best patterns to choose whatever the occasion or your outfit and makeup is.

But of course the pattern alone on all ten fingernails (or toenails if you prefer) may not be the most exciting design. In fact it can be dizzying. So the best idea is to alternate designs or combine your Chevron pattern with other design or perhaps with simple nail polish. You’d get some ideas and inspiration later down the road.

Preparing for your Chevron Exhibit

    So here’s what you will need for the Chevron nail art:

  • Nail Polish of your choice (2 colors at least)
  • Clear scotch tape
  • Pinking shears (Just make sure it can clearly cut the scotch tape)
  • Clear nail polish for top coat and protection

First of clean and prime your nails for the process. Then apply two coats of your base nail polish and let it dry. The trick in making this Chevron nail art is either by a) cutting the scotch tape into mini strips and placing them in your nails with spaces in between then paint your whole nail with the second (and third if you like) color of your choice. Strip away the scotch tape and voila! Chevron pattern; or b) paint blocks of scotch tape with the color/s of your choice, cut them with pinking shears and then tape them into your nails. After any of these two options, you can apply the top coat for protection.

chevron nail art-31

This clean and lovely Chevron nail art design is accompanied by a nail full of daisies and the remaining are simply with a single rhinestone for effect. This is to not overdo the design plus it gives a mature but feminine vibe.

chevron nail art-5

Draw some roses on your Chevron nail; enough so it would still have an accent while showing the pattern. Then with the previous, rhinestones would be the best way to accessorize subtly the remaining nails. Or you can use beautiful matte colors.


chevron nail art-46

You can put the pattern on all your nails but it would be best if you can at least take the focus on an accent so it won’t be too much to look at. For example, the ring finger here is designed with a diamond and bow.

chevron nail art-6

This beautiful look is a combination of different designs such as polka dots, a little heart, ombre and of course, the Chevron.


chevron nail art-15

The Chevron pattern in this particular look isn’t what we are usually accustomed to. But we can definitely see the V-shaped patterns created with gold glitters. If you’re attempting this on your own, be sure you work with a steady hand and thin brush.


chevron nail art-25

This lovely gray and pink design shows that you don’t really need to cover a whole nail with the pattern. We understand if you get tired of cutting those strips.

chevron nail art-27

This works by covering the base with the patterned strips, then working on an ombre style on your nails. It goes the same with the heart shape design as well.

chevron nail art-7

This is another variation of the Chevron pattern. Again, work on an ombre. But this would be your base. Then get your gold glitter nail polish and slowly work on the pattern.



Chevron nail art


chevron nail art-8

This is actually slightly harder than the other pattern. You’d have to manually cut V-shaped strips as there aren’t usual shears with this shape. But the trick is still the same. Then of course, combine with polka dots design if you want.


chevron nail art-44

This can be a little bit tricky with the different colors used. However, the strips can guide you when putting the nail polish. You might need an acetone since you might not make it perfect with a single try.

chevron nail art-45

Work on those Chevron patterns and highlight them with black nail polish. It would really make the design come out and sometimes, the little flaws make it look better. And oh, that leopard design is totally awesome as well as that stripes with triangular patterns.

Tribal Chevron

At first it feels complicated, but really, you just need to draw different designs on your pattern. Fun and quirky.

chevron nail art-1

Matte or neon nail polish would give your Chevron pattern a much sleeker look. Especially in black and white.


chevron nail art-2

This wonderful Chevron nail design is both classy and fun. The gold glitter nail polish is used as the base so it would be easy to make the outer ends fill with the color.


chevron nail art-3

Here’s a simple Chevron pattern that will work well with casual look and if you’re not that much into nail art or perhaps simple nail polish.


chevron nail art-9

This pink and purple ombre works well as the background color for the white Chevron patterns. Or could it be Ombre Chevron patterns in a white background? But honestly, working on the ombre last would work much easier.


chevron nail art-10

This Chevron style is much easier to do since there’s no need for cutting and scotch tapes. Just create three vertical lines then it would be easy to make the V-shaped patterns along the lines.

chevron nail art-11

Here’s a darker and lighter orange ombre that definitely perfect for the summer.

chevron nail art-12

In this design, there will be no base colors. You can simply apply a protective coat of clear polish, cover parts with Chevron strips, then paint with an off white color. Highlight the pattern with a white nail polish and to add an accent, create a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


chevron nail art-13

Here’s a combination of styles you can do with a white nail (or false nail if you prefer) and silver lacquer. Full silver nails, just a splash of silver, V-shaped french nail tips and of course, the Chevron pattern.


chevron nail art-14

And here’s one you can do with beige base and some gold glitters. It’s really simple, even with the Chevron pattern where it’s just two V-shaped lines.


chevron nail art-16

The beautiful combination of pale pink lacquer and brown glitters makes the Chevron type french tip work so well. It’s an in-between of girly and mature.

chevron nail art-17

This pink and violet ombre is done vertically so it has a different effect but all the more making the Chevron pattern pop out. Adding glittered nails is also a simple but great design.

chevron nail art-18

Here’s a more complicated ombre pattern of pastel colors. The colors are soothing to the eyes so making a full hand of Chevron patterned nail won’t look too much.

chevron nail art-19

Stripes on a light brown nail polish and simple Chevron on gold glitter nails. Both designs would be easier with strips.

chevron nail art-20

Black and gold always looked so regal and in this Chevron nail art, it couldn’t have been described any better.

chevron nail art-21

There’s a certain depth with the rhinestone-filled nail polish and the sea green lacquer which goes to show that the rhinestone nail polish was used as the base. It definitely looks gorgeous and flirty and great for date nights.

chevron nail art-22

Soothing colors and glitters would make your Chevron nail look extra fun.

chevron nail art-23

Black and white always look like the best combination. In this design, it’s a really fun way to bring a classic combination to life.

chevron nail art-24

Rhinestone nail polish as the base, then an orange and white ombre to finish it off. Strip the scotch tape away and look at a great end result.

chevron nail art-28

The Chevron pattern in this design isn’t really as sharp as the others but it really makes the design sweet, even with a gray and pink combination.

chevron nail art-29

Off white as the base and then create some V-shaped patterns in black for a sophisticated look. Plus those rhinestones on black nail lacquer just shouts glamour.

chevron nail art-30

Not the girliest girl stuff, but definitely a look to have. Create an anchor on one of your Chevron pattern as the accen, combine it with rhinestones and then try to take your pattern with different colors. The trick is painting that block while the strips are still on.

chevron nail art-34

You can use fake nails to get that base color and for a more perfect shape. It’s even easier to design those nails while you’re not wearing them for a more perfect look.

chevron nail art-35

Royal blue and rhinestones; another combination to make you look perfect and regal for any occasion. It’s even fit for a red carpet entrance.

chevron nail art-36

If you’re not up to making Chevron strips, then you can find stencils for nail art. It would be so much easier to use. Plus, you can find intricate and beautiful patterns to work with like in here.

chevron nail art-37

Gold glitters and white nails also works if you want a fab combination for your Chevron nail art.

chevron nail art-38

Here’s a peach and orange ombre for a smooth and soothing Chevron nail art.

chevron nail art-39

This one is really a simple design: an anchor for one and Chevron pattern for another. Then just simple sea green lacquer for color.

chevron nail art-40

Pastel green and pastel blue are two colors that are really calming. Add a Chevron pattern for a hypnotic effect.

chevron nail art-41

Working with blue nail lacquer, glitter and rhinestones would be the key for a fun look. Just look at this marvelous design.

chevron nail art-42

A sassy and tribal look that goes well with Chevron nails. The base color is hard to get and harder to make on your own but you can find one with the help of electronic nail arts.

chevron nail art-43

One chevron pattern, two chevron patterns, a full nail of chevron pattern! Plus polka dots that makes you think of dino eggs you see in cartoons.

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