70 Creative Bathroom Sinks You will love

It’s a systematic engineering project to obtain an elegant and comfortable bathroom with easy functionality. Every part of the room needs to be carefully selected and designed to fit the theme of the main body. Bathroom Sink is one of the important appliances in the design of a bathroom.

As a basic function, a washbasin is normally among the high frequent used sanitary appliances. It is indispensable when you have to wash your hands, brush your teeth or wash your face. A careful selection and design of the bathroom sink is essential to save space, provide convenience and create a cozy and comfortable bathroom.

In the design of a bathroom vanity, the following elements are always essential in the selection of a bathroom sink.

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Sink Material
  • Installation Pattern


It is always eye-catching if you have installed a bathroom sink with a special streamlined shape. No matter an egg shape, oval or sloping cylinder, a good designer would effectively integrate the appearance with its functionality. The creativity of the shape is sometimes reflected by the overall arrangement of the surrounding landscape, for example, the wall decals, supporting tables, the tile used, etc.


White is the color of most bathroom sinks. As a sanitary appliance, the bathroom sink is expected to process the ability of self cleaning. White is the color free of debris, representing cleanness, which is mostly recognized . The color of a ceramic sink normally comes from its firing process at high temperature. Its color is permanent unless the surface is broken. Some creative designs may use deep colors, like black as the color of the sink. Black is cool if it’s well integrated in the overall decoration of the room.

Installation Pattern

There are two main types of sinks if categorized by installation method, self rimming sinks and undermount sinks. The self rimming sinks are probably easiest sinks in terms of installation. You just need to drop it into the countertop. It has rounded corners underneath, there’s no need for any additional rim around it. The undermount is braced and installed under the countertop. There is no sink rim on top of the counter to collect dirt and particles. There are other creative ideas of installation pattern nowadays, such as wall mounted bathroom sinks, free standing sinks. The right installation is important to extend the life of the sinks and prevent the problem of leakage.

Bathroom sink materials

Sinks could be made of many different materials. Ceramic sinks are probably the most popular ones. There are two different types of ceramic materials used for making sanitary sinks – porcelain and pottery. The porcelain is the baked-clay wares fired at relatively high temperatures. The firing temperature for pottery is relatively lower. The porcelain normally has stronger rigidity than the pottery. Except ceramic, glass, stone and enameled steel or cast iron could also be used to make washbasins or sinks. Some of sinks are made from mineral casting with durable gel coat finish.

There are factors need to be considered in the decal of bathroom sinks, e.g., style of vanity, selection of faucet, plumbing fixture, etc. To have intuitive impression of the creative bathroom sinks design, let’s have a review of the 70+ gorgeous pictures.

This bathroom sink design is perfect for animal lovers and those adoring proximity of nature. The washbowl is mounted in a nice goldfish bowl. You never have to worry about neglecting the cute goldfish.

A coffee cup bathroom sink

A coffee cup bathroom sink

The free standing vessel basin might be one of the unique coffee cups in the world. Designed by Italy based product design studio Meneghello Paolelli AssociatiDirections, the integration of basin and support creates a concise and elegant living space. The handle of the cup serves the function of hanging the towel.

Creative Washbasin

A very clean design of washbasin to save space.






The concise design of the white themed bathroom with a sink featured with transparent glass-made bottom.

Wall mounted double bathroom sinks with simple design

Wall mounted double bathroom sinks with simple design. Absolute space saving piece.



Stone made sink stands on a wooden support in retro style.











































The water flows into free standing stone made sink like spring water.





Bathroom stainless steel undermount sink with artistic design on surface.











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  1. My husband and I really want to remodel our bathroom this spring. However, it is very important to us that our bathroom doesn’t act as just another part of the house, but that everything is unique and creative. I already have the bath picked out, but I have been stuck about what sink design that I wanted to have. After going through these 70 examples, I really love the sink that is a spiral design and I might consider getting that type of sink for my bathroom.

  2. Where can i find, or who makes, the wall mounted faucet that comes in a cylinderial shape with one attached have circle handle?

  3. Sorry some of those sinks look like urinals. Finally liked the last one. The light is great idea.

  4. Lovely article. The sink is the focal point for any bathroom. We so want to be able to use one of the sinks pictured in this article. It is the “wave” sink – white with an invisible drain (faucet is in the wall). Would you be so kind as to direct me to the correct source?

  5. I have been trying to find one of the faucets for sale that I saw posted on your site and haven’t found it. Do you have any information on where to purchase or manufacturer?

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