70+ Creative Bathtub Designs

Planning your bathtub and bathroom décor

The bathroom is probably one of the most used parts of the house. This is why you should consider arranging it to suit your needs best. It’s a terrible experience to enter a bathroom that feels crowded and unsanitary. The bathtub is the crowning glory of the bathroom. It’s the place where you soak for hours to feel relaxed and clean which is why it’s important that you give extra attention on what you want your bathtub to look like.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fancy bathtub in your bathroom.
You can find lots of creative bathtub design ideas to help you think about what you want your bathtub or overall bathroom to look like. Of course, you should consider that your bathtub should match with the design of your bathroom.

Below are some useful tips you can think about when designing your bathtub along with your bathroom theme


When picking the layout for your bathroom and bathtub combo, make sure that what you choose is efficient. First off a bathroom and bathtub is there for usage and not for display. So make sure that you pick a layout of something that is convenient to use and move in. bathrooms need water lines, plumbing drains as well as vent stacks. You should consider simple one to three wet wall layouts. Line up the sink, toilet and the shower in one wall for efficiency. The layout should be cost effective.

The two wall layout on the other hand can give you more flexibility and space. You can place the toilet and the on one wall and shower and the tub on another wall.

Then you have the three wall layout which can be the most versatile among the three choices. It’s a bit more complicated and you should already expect that it will cost more. Try to look up sample designs online if you know any interior designers then try and ask help and suggestions from them.

The sink

As one of the crucial parts of the bathroom dedicated to vanity, the sink is usually undermount which makes lot easier for you to wipe the mess going from the counter unto the sink. If you are the type who wants the cleaning done quickly then this would be the best choice for you. There is also another option which is the self rimmed sinks that are more economical and easier to install. The bad side is that it can easily collect grime as well. If you are going for this, it’s advised that you clean more often.

The bathtub

This takes the biggest space in the bathroom and is usually in the furthest part near the window. Even though a lot of bathtubs are made to fit in narrow bath rooms, this should not hinder your hopes of making it look classy and interesting. Some people prefer to have their bathtubs in separate and bigger rooms, while others like to keep it simple and compact, it really depends on the space that you have, your resources and the need.

However if you want to play around with the design of your bathtub, you can find a lot of ingenious and clever designs on blogs and websites online. You may also be inspired by bathtubs from movies or from your friends’ houses. The trick is getting the right ideas and inspiration to perfectly recreate the bathtub of your dreams.

If you want your bathtub to have an impact then unleashes your decorative mind. You can have free standing bathtubs that rest on claw and ball feet or a base like a pedestal. You can also design the bathtub to be straight sided and streamlined for that sculpture effect.

There is also the platform bathtub that you can use which slides into a supporting foundation usually in box shape. The decking is most of the time waterproof like tiles or marble and limestone while the sides can be decorated in wood or stone. You also get to choose from a whirlpool tub or a soaking tub, depending on what you need.


Another defining thing in bathrooms is the quality of lighting. Good bathroom lighting should always be considered. Since you stay in the bathroom to do things like clean yourself and shave it’s important that you can see clearly what you are cleaning or shaving off. It’s not only good for the eyes but it’s generally much safer to see clearly.

You would also be surprised that the key to good lighting also involves the mirror. To put it simply you can have lights mounted on each side of the mirror to help illuminate your face from both sides this giving lighting to every angle of your face when you need it.

The most common lighting fixtures for bathrooms are ceiling mounted wherein you can add styles of your own. You can go with elegant chandelier types to modern minimalist lighting mounts. When lighting the bathtubs it’s recommended to use vapor proof downlights that are enclosed for protection.
If you want to set some kind of relaxing mood in the bathroom, you can always go for accent lights or even simple scented candles and some petal designs near the mirror for additional lighting and aura.

Add a touch of creativity

Even though it is a bathroom it doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring. Add something creative, like a spa shower. Express your taste with classic and elegant cabinets. Be meticulous with the tiles. There is so much that you can do to improve your bathroom, no matter how narrow or spacious it might be. Bear in mind that there are designs that can help make the room look wider and bigger. It’s all about perspective and the right choice of decor.

Creative Bathtub-5

Shoe shaped bathtub. An elegant looking bathtub in the shape of a woman’s shoe with heels.

Creative Bathtub-1

Bowl shaped bathtub. This simple looking bathtub tales shape of two bowls placed one on top of the other.

Creative Bathtub-13

Modern style bathtub. This bathtub has a modern and minimalist fling into it. It is center standing and has a sleek and smooth design pleasing to the eye.

Creative Bathtub design -a white oval streamlined bathtub is embedded in the wooden floor. A cozy looking bathtub that you can step into easily when you want to enjoy a nice evening soak.

A classic white platform bathtub with a wooden foundation. A cozy looking bathtub that you can step into easily when you want to enjoy a nice evening soak.

Inspiring Industrial Bathroom Ideas

A quaint looking bathtub which is supported by a wooden foundation. Smooth and shaped elongated enough to fit the entire body when soaking in comfortably.

Creative Bathtub-14

Check out this hammock style bathtub. A good designs when you are dealing with small spaces and narrow walls. The walls support the bathtub as it hangs in the middle.

Creative Bathtub-15

A wall mounted sink that drops into the floor turning into a beautiful bathtub. A true space saver that only connects to a single wall giving your more space to work on.

Creative Bathtub-16

Elevated bathtub that rests on a rectangular platform. Convenient easy on the eyes and very pleasing to look at. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and matches with the bathroom theme.

Creative Bathtub-17

Stone inspired bathtub. As if carved from stone, the bathtub gives you the impression of being sturdy and strong; the marble design also gives a smooth finish to the tub and can be easily cleaned.

Creative Bathtub-18

Another marble inspired bathtub and sink. The white finish of the design gives the bathroom a neat and tidy aura. It also goes well with the off white and minimalist décor.

Creative Bathtub-19

An egg shaped bathtub situated in the middle of the bathroom. A wonderful looking design that gives a whole new perspective on what shapes you can design your bathtub int.

Creative Bathtub-20

Wooden inspired bathtub. A tub that blends well with the décor and looks amazingly furnished as well.

Creative Bathtub-21

Modern and sleek looking black and white bathtub. Black on the outside and smooth white on the inside. A truly efficient looking tub with all the comforts of a modern home.

Creative Bathtub-22

Glass inspired platform bathtub. The tub doesn’t necessarily have to be one huge tub along. You can combine it with other materials such as glass like this design where you can transparently see through the sides of the tub with the help of the glass.

Creative Bathtub-23

Simple but classic looking white bathtub. Spruce up your bathtub by incorporating artistic designs on the walls such as forest or waterfalls cascading the waters down into the tub for effect.

Creative Bathtub-24

Homey looking brown marble inspired bathtub. If you want simple and clean designs for a tub then this is a great option for you especially when you love working with marble finishing.

Creative Bathtub-25

A tall and quaint little bath tub perfect for your bathroom. Simple, yet elegant and very efficient. The design has a retro vibe in it that works well with the rest of the room’s décor.

Creative Bathtub-26

Bathtub slash bookshelf. Perfect for bookworms who love making use of time and reading as they soak it out in the warm tub water.

Creative Bathtub27

Circular metallic bathtub. The silver glint of the metallic finish gives the bathtub a look of chic and professionalism. If you’re the type who is always on the go and want your tub to look as busy as you, then this is the best choice.

Creative Bathtub-28

A very cute and homey wooden inspired bathtub. It gives you the impression of vintage bathtubs in the west and just exudes charm and efficiency.

Creative Bathtub-29

A really cute and compact bathtub above a wooden platform. A customized lap is fixed above for extra lighting while more wooden furnishing is added on the walls for effect.

Creative Bathtub-30

A rectangular shaped bathtub matched with the midnight blue and white theme of the room. The accessories have been cleverly designed to align in perfect symmetry within the room with the bathtub as the balance.

Creative Bathtub-31

Customized bathtub with a mini extension. Small, compact yet classy. This is a great design when you need more room in the tub and not make it take so much space.

Creative Bathtub-32

Platform white bathtub enclosed in a wooden platform. A good design when you need space for armrests on the tub. The bathroom has also been designed to project symmetry.

Creative Bathtub-33

A wall mounted bathtub that maximizes space inside the bathroom. The wall mount gives opening to a side table where you can place things needed for soaking and cleaning.

Creative Bathtub-34

Metallic compact bathtub in a tile and stone mount. The combination of tiles, marbles and stones make a perfectly classy looking bathroom.

Creative Bathtub-35

An elegantly designed white bathtub situated in the middle of the bathroom. The sides of the tub gracefully open to give way to arm or leg rests.

Creative Bathtub-36

Transparent glass bathtub. There are two separate supports to keep the bathtub up with added showerheads and water knobs attached beside.

Creative Bathtub-38

Circular shaped white bathtub. Pinned to the wall, the tub gives more space for the other parts of the bathroom; the tiny opened wall cabinet also serves as the cabinet where you can place bath necessities.

Creative Bathtub-39

Oriental inspired bathtub in red bronze color. The other bathroom furnishings are in the same shades as the wall tiles support the theme by showcasing cherry blossom trees.

Creative Bathtub-40

Zebra printed bathtub. Tap into your inner animal instincts with this black and white bathroom theme, the black chandelier and blue violet wall shade simply gives the room a more sophisticated appeal.

Creative Bathtub-41

Bowl shaped bathtub compactly fitted into the narrow bathroom space. A great design when you want all the space in the area to be consumed. The adding of plants by the windowsill makes the room look fresh and homey.

Creative Bathtub-42

Bathtub in a wooden platform. A simple yet nice looking combination of off white and mahogany shades inside the bathroom.

Creative Bathtub-43

A perfectly good sized white bathtub in a wood and marble themed room. A classic design and gives you comfort when soaking in the bath while enjoying the pleasant aura.

Creative Bathtub-44

An all white inspired tub and bathroom. Simple, clean and straight to the point. The chic and neat finish helps make the room look more spacious and airy.

Creative Bathtub-45

A cute classic bathtub in baby blue and white color combination. You can see the oriental influences in the bathroom design as well as flair of elegance with the mini crystal chandelier dangling above.

Creative Bathtub-46

Marble themed tub and bathroom. Great for a cozy atmosphere that you need while slowly soaking in for a good bath. The low dipping and earth color of the tub blends well with the white and brown marble in the bathroom which creates a warm surrounding.

Creative Bathtub-47

A whale shaped tub with water designed to come from the supposed tail and cascading into the body of the tub. Brilliantly designed and definitely very efficient when it comes to its accessories.

Creative Bathtub-48

A bowl shaped white tub with a shower attached on the side. Great for quick and long baths especially when you are also saving space in your bathroom.


Another amazing marble and wood combination. The marble white bathtub looks great against the wooden flooring and blends with the gray marbled walls as well.

Dune Bathtub by Mario Ferrarini for Antonio Lupi

Beautiful dune bathtub in off white. A free standing tub that has a mini fireplace beside it in matte black color that complements the bathtub and the wall shade.

Ideas & inspiration for your home, garden & lifestyle

Platform bathtub that is supported on one side by a rectangular foundation. The tub is cleverly designed to open on the side to serve as a free standing tub.

Inkstone hand-carved stone bathtub

A free standing tub in beautiful light brown shade. The color greatly complements with the bathroom walls and tiles.

Island Stone- Available at The Tile Gallery

Bronze colored compact free standing bathtub. A classy looking tub enclosed in a glass wall that illuminates the light that shines through it.

Japan Architect Kengo Kuma

Rectangular shaped bathtub in oriental style. The wooden tub plus the wooden floors and walls create a wonderful effect and feeling of calmness and serenity.

Japanese bath tub.

A customized tub in beautiful rustic style. The interior of the bathroom itself is a tribute to rustic style and complements amazingly with the wooden furnishings.

Jena Tub Shower by Marmorin – Small Soaking Tub Shower Combo.

An L-shaped free standing bathtub with an attached shower on top. Simple, efficient and well made for use.

Ludovica e Roberto Palomba per Laufen

Minimalist inspired free standing bathtub. Along with the similarly matte white furnishings in the contrasting black room, the bathroom looks chic, neat and tidy.

Luxurious Japanese Soaking Tubs

Gray marble bathtub with sink. Free standing with an attached faucet, the tub is made for comfort and space saving.

Luxurious Spa Master Bath Bathrooms Modern Contemporary Interior Design Home Decorating Ideas Hotel Spa

Platform white tub with a rectangular foundation. Accompanying the tub is off white walls and floors with black furnishings for contrast. The crystal chandelier gives the bathroom an elegant look.


Small compact dark gray tub that is free standing. The low rise tub complements with the small yet spacious bathroom. Adding the wooden rest chair gives the bathroom an overall relaxed aura.

presents new products by toan nguyen at ISH 2015 in frankfurt

Free standing white bathtub with a small table for toiletries attached. The off white walls give the bathroom brightness and illumination while the gray marble floors add volume and space.

Relaxing Contemporary Bathroom by Jessica Lagrange

Wonderful looking bowl shaped free standing tub. It’s situated at the center of the room facing a glass window allowing the light inside and giving the room a simple and relaxed look.

Ristrutturazione A Mantova

Circular free standing tub. Designed to take up less space in the bathroom, the cute looking tub provides just about the right space for you to get in and at the same time walk around the bathroom with no hassle.

stone bathtub

Stone carved bathtub. If you are into the more expressive tub designs then this will go well especially when you have a classic olden theme with furniture.

Summer inspiration Piet Boon villa

A rather bright and cheery bathroom with a bowl shaped free standing bathtub. The glass walls and the open vents above allow for air and light to shine in giving the bathroom natural glow.

Walk-in bathtub and shower

A unique plate shaped bathtub with a shower attached. Perfect for those who do not want an enclosed bathtub. Great choice when you love standing up on tubs to shower.

Austin Cabin by High Camp Home California, United States

Artistically designed free standing bathtub with a steam punk theme into it. The iron shackles surrounding the tuba and the furnishings give them a distinctive look from the norm. The gold painted room also helps with the illusion that you have stepped into an entirely different world.


A homey and cozy looking wooden bathtub. The entire bathroom design takes you back in time where country

Contemporary Style Bathroom Designs from Neutra

Platform bathtub on a wooden rectangular foundation. A mirror is attached to the tub and leans against the wall. Modern in design and very efficient in use.

Creative Bathtub--

Another modern bathroom design with the tub against the windows giving you a perfect view of the city. The chic cabinets and furnishings provide for good storage and space within the area.

Creative Bathtub-2

Circular shaped tub with a built in entertainment set up. If you want to take your time soaking in the tub while watching your favorite game then this is a great design to work with.

Creative Bathtub-3

Marble free standing tub with marble furnishings. The simple off white walls and tiles is decorated by a lone group of cherry blossom branches, creating a serene and peaceful look for the bathroom.

Creative Bathtub-4

Circle shaped free standing tub surrounded by white stones. The stones are a great contrast among the entirely wooden floors and walls. The white brick wall on the side also gives a good accent to the design.

Creative Bathtub-6

A free standing bathtub with a built in shower on top. While some may prefer chandeliers overhead the tubs, showers can also be set up this way to save space and add to the convenience.

Creative Bathtub-7

Simple yet elegant looking free standing tub. Propped against the wide window it gives you a perfect view of the scenery outside while enjoying your bath.

Creative Bathtub-8

Elongated free standing bathtub. The skylight above gives a good deals of brightness into the room and also makes a great window at night to view the stars above.

Creative Bathtub-9

A wild bathroom design. With a platform bathtub in the middle supported by a rectangular foundation, the rhinoceros head busts décor give the room a “wildlife” aura.

Creative Bathtub-10

A rather normal free standing bathtub with a not so normal television attached to it. Enjoy your favorite TV shows with this conventional and modern tub design.

Creative Bathtub-11

Beautiful platform bathtub design. Attached to a wall with glass windows, the tub looks absolutely gorgeous against the white walls and floor.

Creative Bathtub-12

Modern style white bathtub mounted to a wall. The wall provides comfort as being a toiletry cupboard. The contrasting black and white theme of the bathroom also works well together.

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