50 Halloween makeup ideas you will love

Halloween is approaching; people could be able to feel the holiday vibe in the air. While kids are dreaming to play the game of trick-or-treating, adults may anticipate the show of costume and makeup, which could transform their faces to various characters in frightening fashion. Halloween makeup becomes one of prevalent Halloween activities as there’s so much fun and creativity in portraying these characters.

Looking at your wardrobe, are you ready to go out with the glamorous costume or scary Halloween makeup? Today I have brought you plenty of inspirations with these Halloween makeup ideas for one of the best holidays this year! I’m glad to hear you will find much of creative juice in this collection.

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Fantasy World Halloween makeup

Fantasy World

Turn your face and body to a mysterious fantasy by trying the amazing Halloween makeup, which features black bats flying from the forest to the starry sky. The eyebrows, eyes and lip are blended into landscape smoothly. The color of wig is used to accent motif of the design.

Blue galaxy Halloween makeup

Blue galaxy

The amazing Halloween makeup with the wig in the same color. The galactic stars are splatted from face to shoulder using the old paint splatter technique.

Monster hands Halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup

Monster hands

The frightening monster hands climb up from body to face, a horrible Halloween makeup.

Charming Mystique Halloween makeup

Charming Mystique

Tree web with starry dots on the blue canvas, amazing Mystique inspired Halloween makeup.

Two face Mii characters Halloween makeup

Two face Mii characters

Half human face paired with half dead white ghost face. The red half lip is in sharp contrast to the white half, thanks to the liquid lacquer lipstick. The work features simple sketchy lines and strong contrast.

Melted double-face Halloween makeup

Melted double-face

Conjoined two faces, one is melting human face and one is ashen dead. Incredible Halloween makeup inspired by surrealism although it’s frightening by appearance.

3D simulated Halloween makeup

3D simulated

Incredible Halloween makeup turns human face to a 3D simulated cutting piece. The soft angle eyebrow and ombre eyeshadow is highlighted by the white decorating lines. The blue surface looks like playground on the pumpkin land.

Buried ashen face Halloween makeup

Buried ashen face

The ashen face looks scary like buried corpse. With the spray of glitters, it starts to exposes revival. Incredible Halloween makeup.

Balloon vampireHalloween makeup

Balloon vampire

The spooky vampire look features bloody big mouth and sharp teeth. The artist finishes off the look with 2 red lines on the cheek and contact lenses. It is a brilliant idea to bring red balloons to take part in the party.

Elf witchHalloween makeup

Elf witch

The mystical witch makeup features heavy straight eyebrow and elusive elfs on the theme of bright starry world. A lovely Halloween makeup idea.

Trick-or-treat Girl Halloween makeup

Trick-or-treat Girl

Going for a cool trick-or-treat look for girl? Sexy lip with a cute mouthpiece, heavy straight eyebrow, flying butterflies as well earring pendants, etc. creates a dynamically cool Halloween makeup.

Cheshire Cat Halloween makeup

Cheshire Cat

Looking for makeup from anime figures, the Cheshire Cat inspired Halloween makeup could be for you. A dramatically exaggerated mouth and teeth looks spooky, while the subtle cat eyebrow is cute and reminds you of its identity.

Spooky Zombie Halloween makeup

Spooky Zombie

The smoky eyes and bloody chin turn the girl to a living dead. Even the nice shaped soft eyebrow and tiny kites are not enough to bring back to her life.

Black Mirror Broken face Halloween makeup

Black Mirror

This is a piece of amazing Black Mirror inspired Halloween makeup. The broken face with divergent veins is the metaphor for a ghost from 2 layers of hell.

Honeycomb Ghost Halloween makeup

Honeycomb Ghost

It is a good idea to sport the ghost makeup for Halloween party with your face full of honeycomb and bees, absolutely scary look for attendants.

Ghost Coraline Halloween makeup

Ghost Coraline

Another adventurous anime character inspired Halloween makeup. Ghost veins, S-shaped eyebrow and skeleton body is the sinister world when the buttons sewed over the eyes.

Mosaic Girl Halloween makeup

Mosaic Girl

Like to try the decorative art in Halloween makeup. All you need is not Mosaic tiles but makeup kits such as makeup palette, mascara, epic ink liner.

Melting candles Halloween makeup

Melting candles

The brain is lit by a candle to shine with a weak light. Her face is dripping with the wax. Looks like an inspirational Halloween makeup idea.

Fake Face Halloween makeup

Fake Face

It’s incredibly easy to fake your face by depicting outlines along the faked face. You don’t even to transform your eyebrows, eyes and lips to create the effect of illusion. If you don’t like to show to the people in the party how you’re feeling, have a trial of the Fake Face Halloween makeup. And then you’re putting up a facade.

Four-face Halloween makeup


From glow world to dark night to the face with small red spots, the Halloween makeup isn’t horrifying at all by appearance. I love the wonderful design.

Skull Halloween makeup

Skull Face

Get scary with the skull inspired Halloween makeup. Black and white contact lenses add soul to the spooky look.

Fiery Dany Halloween makeup

Fiery Dany

This is a Game of Thrones character inspired Halloween makeup. The hot red skin and scorching forehead presents a hero that is immune to fire even a fiery dragon is breathing out fire to her.

UFO Aliens Halloween makeup

UFO Aliens

UFO and aliens are good elements to create feeling of mystery. The colors of wig, stars and forest accent the tone of fantasy.

Red Clown Halloween makeup

Red Clown

Thin lash with shadow of dark red bleeding all along to the lip. The orange red wig just matches the tone.

Skeleton Lady Halloween makeup

Skeleton Lady

She appears in dark shadow with splendid faux jewels, glitters and the wig matching the tone. Gorgeous Halloween makeup!

Rainbow Half-face Halloween makeup

Rainbow Half-face

A witty facial expression squeezing out by her fingers. The rainbow half-face is the best remark for the girl.

Glow Galaxy Halloween makeup

Glow Galaxy

Over half face is painted with the dazzling galactic stars and an iconic symbol on her forehead. What is amazing is it transits down to dark seamlessly.

Creepy Eye Mask Halloween makeup

Creepy Eye Mask

This fake wound and black eye mask is absolutely creepy and scary at the party It’s perfectly adding flying birds which bring wonders to the Halloween makeup.

Galaxy Water Halloween makeup

Galaxy Water

A magic idea to connect the ocean to the sky. The brilliant Halloween makeup makes people feel the vibe of the connection.

Skeleton Bride Halloween makeup

Skeleton Bride

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride has inspired numerous recreations of skeleton brides esp. in costume and makeup fields. The feminine makeup features full body skeletal elements. The skeleton dress is exquisitely created with butterflies as addition to strengthen its symbolic meaning “soul or mind”. Half-skull teeth is scary and connects to galactic sky with glossy fluidity, which brings different feeling. The color of the wedding wreath just matches the dark theme.

Junkie Face Halloween makeup

Junkie Face

Almost the whole face is evenly painted to the metallic style. The color of the eyebrow and lip perfectly matches the tone. What I can’t overlook here is the tiny heart icon painted underneath the eye which is the extra embellishment for the Halloween makeup.

Corpse Bride Halloween makeup

Corpse Bride

The mix of gloomy and gorgeous look is embellished by the exquisite flowers, Halloween Contact Lenses, dark-blue wig and creepy designed nails.

Bloody clown Halloween makeup

Bloody clown

The bloody wound and exaggerated thick lash is highlighted in the clown makeup. A stunning piece in the spooky season.

Rose Witch Halloween makeup

Rose Witch

The scarlet red of the chest piece and headpiece decorated by rose flowers is in sharp contrast to the pale ashen face. An image of dead witch longing for beauty.

Skull Ghost Halloween makeup

Skull Ghost

The scary ghost has a skull mouth down to the neck. Wearing contact lenses, her evil look makes my flesh creep.

Ocean Skull Halloween makeup

Ocean Skull

Melting Space Halloween makeup

Melting Space

Half Face Halloween makeup

Half Face

Ocean Landscape Halloween makeup

Ocean Landscape

Wonder Woman Halloween makeup

Wonder Woman

The comic inspired Halloween makeup turns you a fiercely feminine superhero. The makeup sketched out by simple outlines is evidence of professional skill of the artist.

Bleeding Pennywise Halloween makeup

Bleeding Pennywise

Fake Shadow Halloween makeup

Fake Shadow

Skin Clock Halloween makeup

Sliced Face

The eery optical illusion brought by the Halloween makeup is incredible. The artist created special illusion effect by fluent use of color and shade. What you see is not what you get here, which sometimes happens in life.

Half-Face Halloween makeup

Melting Clocks

Three melting clocks are prominently displayed on the face as eye mask and on the shoulders. The Halloween makeup was apparently inspired by the painting of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory.

Geometric Grids Halloween makeup


Melting face is dripping down. Two half-faces in different hell.

Mosaic Grids Halloween makeup

Mosaic Grids

Mosaic art is a traditional art form keeping inspiring artists and creations. From the groundwork in Ancient Greece, to contemporary mosaic, to modern interior design, the abstract art could always produce revival of interest for the artists. Now it’s the day of makeup. The geometric grids Halloween makeup is the perfect idea for people who goes for abstract artistic style.

Neon Skull Halloween makeup

Neon Skull

The skull mask, teeth as well as eye shadow are painted with glowing shades of neon. The fluorescence effect is definitely unique when you appear at the Halloween party.

Wound Veins Halloween makeup

Wounded Veins

Tin Woman Halloween makeup

Tin Woman

This piece is excellent reformulation inspired by the character in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, makes the woman appear silvery and a metallic figure. The heart symbol and the tin on her head accent the motif of the fantasy adventure.

Galactic Space Halloween makeup

Galactic Space

The artist transforms the woman to an alien by Halloween makeup with pure facial look and sophisticated galactic mind.

Glitter Fall Halloween makeup

Glitter Fall

What makes Halloween makeup comic? The colorful blond hair, wondering eye-shadow or the falling glitter?

Rainbow Droplets Halloween makeup

Rainbow Droplets

Rainbow could means the bridge connecting sky to earth. In the mind of the makeup artist, it could appear as droplets under the eye or lip. The brilliant Halloween makeup renders cheerful look.

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