40 Snow Nail Art Ideas For Winter

Snow Nail Art

Holidays have passed, but that’s no reason not to stay beautiful. Winter snowflakes and low temperatures are our everyday. If you do not like these days, make them more beautiful with a new haircut or manicure. It is winter and we spend less time outside. In view of this, let’s use the excess time in […]

55 Stripes Nail Art Ideas

Stripes Nail Art

Well-manicured nails not only beautify hands but are also a manifestation of a person’s personality. Beauty accessories are not limited to clothes and make up. In fact nail art is gaining popularity around the globe. Women love to flaunt their fresh manicures with interesting designs ranging from simple stripes nail to outrageously odious to classically […]

40+ Party Makeup Ideas for women

Party Makeup Ideas

Every occasion requires a different make-up, wardrobe, hairstyle, behavior. In office or workplace, ladies usually wear more elegant clothes with relative discreet makeup. For evening outings, they turn to different outfit and make up for that occasion. Evening party gives us much more freedom when it comes to ideas on wardrobe, hairstyle, footwear and makeup […]

40 Hair Styles for Men

It’s never like today that men have paid so much attention to their look. A closet room is the dream of every woman. However now men start to take care of their wardrobe, and learn how to combine colors and fashion accessories. While they used to wear old fashioned short hairstyles, or long hair tied […]

70 Square Nail Art Ideas

Without proper and shaped nails, there are no real ladies and women with style. Dear ladies whether you have short or long nails, always let them be tidy and stiff. Beautiful hands are something that many people notice first on another person. If they are nicely colored and nicely shaped, you will give the impression […]

45 Multicolored Nail Art Ideas

Well groomed hands and trendy nail art is no less important than the stylish hairstyle and perfect makeup. Well, this is not what I am saying, this is a proven fact that a woman should be classy and fabulous at the same time. Classy means stylish clothes, alluring hairstyles, elegant makeup and trendy nail art. […]

45 Purple Nail Art Designs

Purple is the color for women. If you want your nails to go royal and magic, purple nail art could be your good choice. Groomed nails are not only important for chic appearance, but also convey rich meanings such as extravagance and dignity. There are a lot of reasons to make the color prominent in […]

50+ Face Makeup Ideas for Spring

Spring has arrived, and therefore nice weather. The days are getting warmer. Of course, some cold day happens just to return us in the cold autumn, but that time passes and the sun shines again. As generally in life. And somehow with sun arrived regularly and nice mood. We are happier, inspired to dress up […]