55 Stripes Nail Art Ideas

Stripes Nail Art

Well-manicured nails not only beautify hands but are also a manifestation of a person’s personality. Beauty accessories are not limited to clothes and make up. In fact nail art is gaining popularity around the globe. Women love to flaunt their… Continue Reading

40+ Party Makeup Ideas

Party Makeup Ideas

Every occasion requires a different make-up, wardrobe, hairstyle, behavior… As for a job, it’s usually like wearing more elegant clothes and more discreet makeup, and outfit and make up for evening outings we adjust to that occasion. Evening party gives… Continue Reading

40 Hair Styles for Men

Never earlier, like in today’s world, men have not so much paid attention to their look. They take care now about the wardrobe, how they combine colors, the fashion accessories, the hairstyle. While they used to wear a short hairstyle,… Continue Reading

45 Purple Nail Art Designs

Slowly but surely summer is coming and with it, except good days, good mood too. Flower and playful colors conquer the streets. There aren’t anymore dark coats, on the contrary, they have been replaced by pink, turquoise, gentle green, purple,… Continue Reading