Floral Paintings by Marie Claire Moudru

Moudru Marie-Claire-13

Born in Grenoble, French artist Marie Claire Moudru showed creative mind and aesthetic talent in her early ages. She followed higher artistic education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Grenoble, focusing on her work drawing and watercolor during education. Her skills and understanding of the watercolor art form was extended after her eduction. Floral […]

Back Portrait Paintings by Sabine Liebchen

Sabine Liebchen-15

Sabine Liebchen is a contemporary artist from Germany. Sabine Liebchen’s hyper realistic fugitive paintings are mostly back portraits of figures portrayed from behind. Faces are not the motifs the artist has interest in. She’s experimenting to convey abstract concept from essentials of the anonymous individuals.

Sepia Series Paintings by Janel Eleftherakis

Janel Eleftherakis-1

Janel Eleftherakis is a New England based artist brought up in Miami but born in Germany. Her artistic love was influenced by her grandmother. Fascinated with the tumultuous and glorious eras of the 40′s, Janel created the series of oil paintings Sepia Series, featured in abstract and dark color.

Paintings by Chelin Sanjuan

  Chelin Sanjuan is a Spanish artist who started her artistic interest at a very early age when she painted insistently everywhere in houses, landscapes and dogs. In the last decades, she changed her living places in several countries. What is not changed is her artistic pursue in playing music instruments such as the piano, […]

Portrait Paintings by Yvan Favre

Born in Clermont Ferrand,Yvan Favre is an artist based in Vourey, France. Influenced by modern realistic painting, his portrait paintings are often wandering females in loneliness or sadness. He likes to highlight characters between light and dark.

Expressive Paintings by Albin Veselka

Albin Veselka is a talented painter from Rexburg, Idaho. He started his interest in art in an very early age and developed his skills through education and hard work. Albin received his BFA in Brigham Young University Idaho. In his figurative paintings, he convey emotions which make you wonder who they are or what their […]