Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

  For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway Ernest Zacharevic is a young Lithuanian artist, whose life path took him, over UK, to Malaysia. He fell in love with the city of Penang, where he creates series of murals, vitalizing walls of the old part of the city George town. These iconic pieces have also become […]

20 Best New Street Art Reps in the world

Sainer and Bezt – Etam Cru – A Polish duo called Etam Cru paints wonderful, gentle, dreamy and sometimes tantalizing murals, guiding spray paint like it were a brush. Moonshine mural was done in Richmond, Virginia in USA last year, representing wishful thinking with a hint of irony.

30 Pieces of Banksy Street Art

Girl Jumping Rope A clever play with stencil and spray paint, executed in Brooklyn in 2006. Banksy is not only a street artist. He is a visual activist, a fighter for human rights, a director. He is an institution, while his true identity remains unknown. His clever visual puns are today the key ingredient of […]

30 Examples of 3D Street Art

1. Aakash Nihalani A young conceptual artist from New York, Aakash Nihalani, expresses his twisted vision of the visible world through 3D street art executed by duct tape Street art is frequently associated with graffiti alone, but the truth is it is probably one of the oldest and most definitely one of the most exact […]

Street Art by Charles Leval

Charles Leval, aka Levalet is a French based artist who created realistic street art figures across in the streets of Paris. His work was achieved by careful location of the perfect spots and accurate measurements as well as inspirations when drawing.

Street Art by Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is an artist from Lodz Poland, who is passionate about painting for 10 years. She has been associated with Street Art for two years and created the wonderful faces of women with great colors and details.

Street Art by Hush

Captivated with portrayal of female beauty, London based artist Hush merged various street art approaches with traditional art practices and created complex and original work.