Cozy Luxury Home by Cornerstone Architects

The Cat Mountain Residence, a Cozy Luxury home designed by Cornerstone Architects in Austin, Texas, is quite unique with special blend of neat contemporary notes in dialogue with the charming antique decorations.

The house’s beauty is influenced by the special lighting system, that adds value to the interior, bringing into the spotlight different artistic objects. The light system, in this particular case, is a powerful tool: it generates mystery, making everything look absolutely lovely in nighttime and of course, it create a more spacious environment. The interior is connected to the terrace through a glass wall, favouring a slow transition between the environments.

You can sit and have your morning coffee on the terrace while enjoying a wonderful sunrise. The view is really nice and recalls a dreamy state of mind. Relaxing and why not, spectacular in every single detail, the breathtaking Cat Mountain Residence is awesomely decorated, in order to enjoy a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by comfort and luxury.

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