50 Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Hieroglyphics aren’t just relics of the past; they are a sophisticated writing system that carries the whispers of ancient Egypt into the present. Their intricate beauty and profound mystery have found a new expression in the modern world: tattoos. As more people seek meaningful and unique ink, hieroglyphics tattoos are enjoying a surge in popularity. They’re not just decorative marks; they’re a choice that links us to a civilization that has long intrigued humanity.

Historical Context of Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics are as old as the pyramids themselves, a form of writing conceived by the Egyptians over 5,000 years ago. These symbols were more than mere letters; they were the sacred language of the gods, used to inscribe the walls of temples and tombs. They serve to immortalize the deeds of pharaohs and the myths that shaped their world.

Understanding the meaning behind each hieroglyph is crucial, as each symbol carries a weight of history and myth. These ancient characters played a pivotal role in Egyptian culture and religion, encapsulating the philosophical and spiritual concepts of the time.

The deciphering of hieroglyphics in the modern era, thanks to the Rosetta Stone, has bridged the gap between antiquity and today. This breakthrough allowed us to hear the voices of a civilization long silent, speaking of their beliefs, their daily lives, and their understanding of the universe.

Symbolism of Hieroglyphics Tattoos

The allure of hieroglyphics tattoos lies in their aesthetic and symbolic richness. Each hieroglyph is a work of art, an image that conveys a story or a concept. The choice to adorn one’s body with this ancient script is often a profound one, connecting the individual to the rich tapestry of human history and the mysteries of a language lost in time.

The intrigue of hieroglyphics tattoos is undeniable. To wear an inscription in a language that ceased to be spoken out loud centuries ago is to embrace the intellectual allure of the past. It’s a testament to a love of history, a fascination with the ancient world, and a respect for its enduring legacies.

Variety of Design Considerations

Hieroglyphics tattoos are not just cool, they’re like carrying a piece of ancient storytelling with you. But before you commit, let’s review some design ideas that seamlessly combine these ancient scripts with the iconic imagery.

When hieroglyphics meet other iconic Egyptian symbols, the result is a tapestry of meaning. Imagine a tattoo where the age-old Ankh symbol intertwines with hieroglyphic texts, symbolizing life and eternity. Or picture the mighty Sphinx, silent and stoic, with rows of hieroglyphs that tell of its eternal watch over the sands of time.

Cartouche Hieroglyphics Tattoos

The cartouche, an oval with a horizontal line at one end, encircles the names of pharaohs. As a tattoo, it symbolizes royalty, power, and a person’s journey through life and beyond. Encasing your own name or a loved one’s within the oval is to declare their story as one worth eternal remembrance.

Eye of Ra and Cartouche Hieroglyphics tattoo

Double Cartouche Hieroglyphics tattoo with dates

Eye of Ra and Cartouche Hieroglyphics carved tattoo

Eye of Ra and Egyptian Cartouche Hieroglyphics tattoo

Small Cartouche Hieroglyphics tattoo on outer of forearm

Cartouche Hieroglyphics forearm tattoo

Cartouche hieroglyphics tattoo

Anubis with Hieroglyphics Tattoos

Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the afterlife, is a figure that exudes mystery and guardianship. Pair him with a sequence of hieroglyphics, and you’ve got a tattoo that’s both a guardian and a guide to the other side. This design is for those who embrace the unknown with the poise of a deity who’s seen it all.

Anubis with Hieroglyphics half sleeve tattoo

Anubis with Hieroglyphics moon half sleeve tattoo

Black and grey Anubis Pyramids and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Anubis holding was scepter with hieroglyphics tattoo black and grey

Anubis and Scarab Beetle with Hieroglyphics tattoo on back

Anubis and Pyramids with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Anubis and Hieroglyphics with feather tattoo

Anubis Ankh and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Cleopatra and Hieroglyphics Tattoos

Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, embodies strength, intelligence, and seduction. Her image with hieroglyphs, can represent feminine power and the allure of a figure who has captivated imaginations for millennia. This tattoo is a statement piece that speaks of allure, intelligence, and a touch of drama. It’s also a design for those who own their story with the confidence of a queen who’s turned history into her story.

Cleopatra and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Cleopatra with Scarab and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Cleopatra and Hieroglyphics half sleeve tattoo

Hieroglyphics and Eye of Horus Tattoos

The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, health, and restoration. Fuse it with hieroglyphics, and your tattoo becomes a talisman, a protective charm that’s as watchful as it is wise. It’s a design that looks out for you, with every line telling a part of the tale.

Eye of Horus and Cartouche hieroglyphics tattoo

Eye of Horus and Hieroglyphics spine tattoo

Ankh with Hieroglyphs and Eye of Horus tattoo

Eye of Ra and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoos

The Eye of Ra, representing the sun god’s power and wrath, combined with hieroglyphics, creates a tattoo that’s all about radiance and resilience. It’s a design for those who shine bright, even when the heat is on. It’s not just a tattoo, but a blaze of glory on your skin.

Carved in stone Eye of Ra and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Eye of Ra and Egyptian Hieroglyphics bicep tattoo

Eye of Ra and Egyptian Hieroglyphics tattoo

Eye of Ra and egyptian hieroglyphics 3D stone tattoo

Eye of Ra and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Minimalist Hieroglyphics Tattoos

Less can indeed be more with minimalist hieroglyphics tattoos. Choose a single symbol or a delicate string of characters, and let the simplicity speak volumes. This design idea is for those who find strength in subtlety and who know that even the smallest mark can tell an epic tale.

Simple Hieroglyphics tattoo on back of arm

Small Hieroglyphics tattoo on upper arm

Hieroglyphics line work arm tattoo

Minimalist Hieroglyphics back of arm tattoo

Scarab Beetle and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoos

The scarab beetle, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, paired with hieroglyphics, makes for a tattoo that’s about rolling with the changes and emerging victorious. It’s a design that carries the weight of evolution, of personal growth that’s as continuous as the beetle’s journey with the sun.

Scarab beetle and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Scarab and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Scarab beetle and Pyramids with Egyptian Hieroglyphics full back tattoo

Hieroglyphics and Egyptian God Horus tattoo

Egyptian God Horus and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Horus, the sky god, with his falcon head and regal bearing, is a symbol of power and dominion. This design is a nod to protection and power. It’s a design that commands attention and tells a tale of strength and vigilance. When depicted with hieroglyphics, you’re not just getting a tattoo, but getting wings.

Hieroglyphics and King Tut tattoo

Hieroglyphics and King Tut tattoo

King Tut’s mask is one of the most iconic symbols of ancient Egypt. Imagine that golden visage with a backdrop of hieroglyphics. This tattoo design is a piece of treasure itself, a blend of royalty and the mystique of the young pharaoh’s short but fascinating reign. King Tut, with his piercing eyes and regal bearing, etched onto your skin, flanked by hieroglyphics, is a design fit for a modern-day monarch.

Egyptian God Ra with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Egyptian God Ra with Hieroglyphics tattoo

The sun god Ra is all about radiance and creation. A tattoo design that showcases Ra, often depicted with a sun disk overhead, combined with hieroglyphic elements, is like carrying a piece of creation’s fire. This design is for those who want to light up a room, who carry their own source of energy and life. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s as timeless as the sun.

Egyptian Queen and Hieroglyphics side tattoo

Egyptian Queen and Hieroglyphics side tattoo

An Egyptian queen, say Cleopatra or Nefertiti, inked along your side with a trail of hieroglyphics is the epitome of elegance and power. It’s a design that’s both beautiful and commanding. A queen’s portrait wrapped in the language of her time is a powerful way to pay homage to the influential women of history. This tattoo whispers tales of intrigue and power plays in palaces of gold.

Hieroglyphics and Ankh tattoo

Hieroglyphics and Ankh tattoo

The Ankh, the symbol of life, intertwined with hieroglyphics, is a design that’s both visually striking and profoundly meaningful. It’s like saying, “I carry the essence of life, spelled out in the language of the ancients, on my skin.” This tattoo is for those who appreciate the depth of history and the interconnectedness of life and language.

Hieroglyphics outline tattoo

Hieroglyphics outline tattoo

Subtlety has its own kind of shout, doesn’t it? An outline tattoo of hieroglyphics is minimalist, modern, and absolutely magnetic. It’s a whisper of the past, a hint of a story that begs a closer look. These designs are perfect for those who appreciate simplicity with a twist, an enigma wrapped in an enigma, inked with a single line.

Nefertiti and Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Nefertiti and Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Queen Nefertiti is a symbol of beauty and power, and her bust combined with hieroglyphics in a tattoo is nothing short of stunning. It’s a design that speaks of ancient elegance, of a reign that has stood the test of time. Nefertiti flanked by hieroglyphics is not just a tattoo; it’s a tribute to the timeless allure of one of history’s most intriguing figures.

Ramses II statue and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Ramses II statue and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Imagine the grandeur of a Ramses II statue, bold and imposing, with a backdrop of hieroglyphics. This tattoo is for those who want to make a statement as large as the pharaoh’s legacy. It is a work of art that shows strength and the passage of time. It is a tribute to one of Egypt’s best kings.

The Flail and Crook with Egyptian hieroglyphics tattoo

The Flail and Crook with Egyptian hieroglyphics tattoo

Step into the shoes of a pharaoh with a tattoo design featuring the flail and crook crossed over a canvas of hieroglyphics. These symbols of power and kingship, when blended with ancient scripts, are not just visually impactful. They’re like wearing a mantle of authority. It’s a design that says you’re ready to rule your world, with the wisdom of the ancients etched into your reign.

Scarab beetle and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Scarab beetle and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Placement Ideas for Hieroglyphics Tattoos

When it comes to choosing a design, hieroglyphics have a timeless allure. But once you’ve decided on a hieroglyphic design, where do you place this piece of script? Let’s dive into some of the best spots to showcase your tattoo.


Your chest is like the front page of a newspaper, the headline spot. It’s the place for something important, something you want to be seen. When you choose to ink hieroglyphics across your chest, you’re making a bold statement. It’s front and center, impossible to ignore, and close to your heart—literally. Whether it’s a single symbol or a series that spans from shoulder to shoulder, the chest offers a vast canvas for an intricate story.

Egyptian Pyramids with hieroglyphics and Eye of Ra 3d chest tattoo


The side is a little more discreet, a bit more personal. It’s the place for a hieroglyphics tattoo that you want to share selectively. Running from underarm to hip, this placement allows for a longer, continuous design that can be as simple or as complex as you desire. It’s there for you, a narrative that’s tucked away, but just as significant.

Egyptian side tattoo


Got something to say? Your arm is the megaphone. It’s where tattoos come to talk. Hieroglyphics circling the arm are a classic, wrapping ancient wisdom around modern muscle. The arm is also versatile—go for a short inscription on the forearm or a full sleeve of hieroglyphs that tells a more extensive story. Either way, it’s a placement that’s both visible and conversation-starting.

Hieroglyphics arm tattoo


The spine is your body’s central support, and a hieroglyphics tattoo here is like the spine of a book, holding a secret within its folds. The vertical space is perfect for a column of hieroglyphs that runs the length of your back. It’s a placement that’s intriguing and, when revealed, offers a glimpse into a hidden aspect of who you are. The spine is a path less traveled for tattoos, and that’s exactly what makes it so compelling.

Hieroglyphs spine tattoo


Sometimes the smallest things make the loudest noise. A wrist tattoo is a subtle flash, a quick show of something meaningful. Hieroglyphics on the wrist can be a constant reminder, a personal note that’s both for you and for those with a keen eye. It’s perfect for a single symbol that stands alone, unassuming but powerful.

Hieroglyphics wrist tattoo


Your back is the canvas of legends, a vast space where epics are told in ink. Hieroglyphics stretched across the back can be a full mural, a piece of ancient Egypt mapped onto you. The back allows for an expansive narrative, where each hieroglyph can be given the space it deserves. This is where you can have an entire temple wall’s worth of story, making it a placement for those committed to a larger tale.

Anubis and Sphinx with hieroglyphics back tattoo


The forearm is all about visibility. It’s there, right out in front, a part of almost every interaction. A hieroglyphics tattoo on the forearm is for those who want their ink to be part of their everyday expression. Whether it’s a line of hieroglyphs or a more intricate arrangement, it’s a placement that invites others to read and engage with your story.


Hieroglyphics tattoos blend the allure of ancient Egypt with the personal canvas of our skin. They are more than mere decorations; they are a link to the past, a statement of identity, and a personal emblem of one’s reverence for history. To carry a hieroglyphic tattoo is to bear a piece of humanity’s story, a fragment of our collective memory etched in ink.

As with any tattoo, the decision to inscribe one’s body with hieroglyphics should not be taken lightly. It’s essential to engage with the history and meaning of these symbols, to choose with care and consideration, ensuring that the design you select is not just aesthetically pleasing but also culturally respectful and personally resonant.

Whether you’re drawn by the beauty of the symbols, the connection to an ancient civilization, or the wish to carry a meaningful emblem, a hieroglyphics tattoo is a powerful statement. Take the time to research, to understand, and to reflect on your choice. In doing so, you honor both the tradition of the ancient Egyptians and the personal journey you are inscribing on your skin.

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